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Buri: a homebrew 6502 microcomputer

This repository contains my work on designing, building and programming a 6502 microcomputer from scratch. The 6502 was the CPU used in the original Apple 1, BBC Microcomputer, NES console and many other systems from the late 70s/early 80s.

I want to learn digital electronics, lower-level programming and a little about computer history. This project is part of my endeavours in that regard.

My microcomputer is intended to sit somewhere around 1980-82 in terms of its technology but I won't be afraid to "borrow" from 2010s-era technology as longas the result would still be understandable to an electrical engineer from the 80s.

Contents of this repository

CPU board PCB

The hardware directory contains schematics, etc for the microcomputer hardware itself. Pre-rendered plots of PCB layout and schematics can be found in gerber and PDF format in the CPU board plot directory and the monitor board plot directory.

The repository contains a simulator for the microcomputer. It's pretty slow and I only really use it to enable development of the operating system without waiting for the ROM to re-flash.

The os directory contains a basic ROM-based operating system for the computer.

The examples directory contains example programs to run on the microcomputer.

Why "Buri"?

Búri was the first of the Norse gods. I name all of my machines on my network after gods and goddesses and so it made sense to name the technologically earliest of them after the first god in the Norse pantheon.


The parts of this project which are my own work are released under a MIT-style licence. Feel free to use the resources in this repository if they are of educational use. If you find it interesting, do drop me a line at