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(Finally) updated the README to acknowledge 3Dlabs as source of GLSL …

…front end

(as opposed to Mesa).
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@@ -2,8 +2,9 @@ This directory holds the source for the FILTREE real-time image filtering
Much of the parsing and compiling code for the FILTREE kernel language (FKL)
-has been taken from the Mesa project ( Files
-originating from this project are located in the 'local-mesa' directory and are
-under the same license as Mesa. FILTREE specific extensions (identified as such
-within the file) are under the same license as FILTREE.
+has been taken from the GLSL front-end compiler sources released by 3Dlabs Inc.
+Ltd. Files originating from this release are located in the 'glsl-frontend'
+directory and are under the 3Dlabs license at the top of the files and within
+the LICENSE file. FILTREE specific extensions (identified as such within the
+file) are under the same license as FILTREE.

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