Generate HDCP source and sink keys from the leaked master key
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HDCP Key Generation Example

This script implements a simple version of the HDCP key generation algorithm in Python using the leaked HDCP master key (which is located in master-key.txt).

Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -m FILE, --master=FILE
                        load master key from FILE
  -k, --sink            generate a sink key rather than a source key
  --ksv=KSV             use a specific KSV expressed in hexadecimal
  -j, --json            output key and KSV as JSON
  -t, --test            generate source and sink keys and test they work


# Generate a sink key with KSV 0x54f0af39a8 and output the result in JSON
./ -k --ksv 54f0af39a8 -j

# Generate a source key with a random KSV and output the result in a 
# human-readable form

# Run a self-test to make sure the source a sink key generation is consistent
./ -t