Minimal streamkinect2 server for .NET
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Kinect 2 streaming server for .NET

Build status

This is a minimal implementation of the streamkinect2 server protocol for .NET. It's intended to make installation of a streamkinect2 server on Windows easier by not requiring a working Python environment.

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements for this software are those of the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0. In practice this means:

  • Windows 8.1
  • USB 3.0


A simple GUI server tool is automatically built by the continuous integration system and may be found in the list of artifacts for the latest build. The GUI application is available in the file. Should the latest build be failing, you can doanload artifacts from an earlier one.


You will need Visual Studio 2013 to build this software. The free (as in beer) Express Edition will suffice. In addition, you must have the Apple Bonjour SDK for Windows and Kinect for Windows SDK version 2 installed.

Dependencies which may be re-distributed are located in the repository. Please read the README in that repository for licensing information.

Additional dependencies are managed via NuGet.


Copyright 2014, Rich Wareham. This software is licensed under a BSD 2-clause licence. See the LICENSE file included with the source distribution.


The StreamKinec2GUI icon was made from the following resources: