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.TH YT "1" "September 2013" "YT(1)" "User Commands"
yt \- a command\-line youtube client
\f[B]yt\f[] [OPTION]...
yt is a command\-line front\-end to YouTube which allows you to
browse YouTube videos and play them directly from the command\-line. It
uses youtube\-dl and mplayer or omxplayer to actually play the videos. The
combination of a text based interface and omxplayer makes yt a great
YouTube client for the Raspberry Pi.
\fB\-h\fR, \fB\-\-help\fR
print this help text and exit
\fB\-\-player\fR {mplayer,omxplayer}
specifies what program to use to play videos (default: mplayer)
Play selection while suppressing video e.g. Audio only
NOTE: This flag is ignored when using omxplayer (default: False)
\fB\-\-bandwidth\fR\ BANDWIDTH
Choose preferred minimum video quality. This value will be preferred
be preferred video quality and will increment up if chosen setting
is unavailable. Example: "--bandwidth 5" will try and use codec
#5 (240p) and if unavailable, will step up to codec #18 (270p/360p).
Valid choices from low to high are "17, 5, 18, 43" (default: None)
\fBVideos don't play when selected in interface\fR
Make sure you have the latest version of youtube-dl. youtube-dl has a self update mechanism:
\fBsudo youtube-dl -U\fR
\fBOmxplayer starts and terminates without playing video\fR
For high quality videos the default memory allocation on the Raspberry Pi doesn't provide enough memory to the GPU.
The default 192M ARM, 64M GPU split can be changed to a 128M ARM, 128M GPU split using raspi-config.
\fBsudo raspi-config\fR
# Select memory-split
# Allocate 128M to the GPU
See \fB\fR for more information.
Bugs and suggestions should be reported at:
yt is released into MIT license by the copyright holders.
Initial coding, and main maintenance is done by
Rich Wareham <>.
The homepage is available at
.B "\%"
.BR "youtube-dl" "(1), "
.BR "mplayer" "(5)"