A generic starting template for writing research papers.
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A generic starting template for writing research papers.

Checkout this repository using the following command to ensure that the git submodules are loaded properly. I use Ben Ransford's excellent Makefile.

git clone --recursive git@github.com:rjwalls/paper-template.git

You'll want to change the remote URL using:

git remote set-url origin git@github.com:USERNAME/NEW-REPO-NAME.git
git push -u origin master

Misc. Commands

Balance Columns

Use \vfill\eject to force content to the next column. This is especially useful for balancing out the references on the final page. Just make sure to edit the .BBL file (you may want to move the BBL contents to the main.tex file because the BBL isn't tracked in the repository).

Embed Fonts


ps2pdf -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress paper.pdf paper_camera.pdf

Check the results with (look for the emb column):

pdffonts paper_camera.pdf

Note, you can get pdffonts from Poppler and Homebrew using:

brew install poppler

Make PS from PDF

pdf2ps paper_camera.pdf paper_camera.ps

Make single TeX source file

Removes comments too!

latexpand paper.tex > paper_camera.tex

Get latexpand here.

Useful utils

See Marc's blog post for a list of useful latex utilities.


Make sure to have a reference cited in your .tex file (in-text citation, e.g. \cite{Walls:2011a}) otherwise this will not compile, even if you have entries in your bib file.