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A bookmarket that directs you back to HackerNews' comments page
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Say Hello to HackBack

this bookmarklet leads you back to HackerNews

What Is This For?

Here's the usecase: You opened a HackerNews link from Twitter, Facebook, your favorite RSS reader, or etc. But there's no easy way to check the original post and comments on HN, which might be more valuable that the link itself.

This bookmarklet does one simple job: it brings you back to the comment page on HN.

Install The Bookmarket

Goto HackBack on Cloud Foundry and drag the bookmarklet to your browsers' bookmark bar.

Install On Cloud Foundry

Here is the how to install it on Cloud Foundry:

gem install vmc
vmc target
vmc login # if you've got the invitation, it's in your mail
vmc push your_app
vmc env-add your_app NODE_ENV=production

# update your app
vmc update your_app

# check status/logs
vmc stats your_app
vmc logs your_app
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