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Python bindings for MuPDF's rendering library.
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PyMuPDF 1.8.0

Release date: Nov 15th, 2015


  • Ruikai Liu
  • Jorj X. McKie


This is the new version 1.8 of PyMuPDF (formerly python-fitz), a Python binding which supports MuPDF 1.8 - "a lightweight PDF and XPS viewer".

MuPDF can access files in PDF, XPS, OpenXPS and EPUB (e-book) formats, and it is known for its top performance and high rendering quality.

With PyMuPDF you therefore can also access files with extensions *.pdf, *.xps, *.oxps or *.epub from your Python scripts.


Normally it should be as easy as running python install once MuPDF is in place (i.e. its binaries have been built / generated or have been made available otherwise).

Refer to this document for details.

Arch Linux



Since MuPDF v1.8 is not available yet in the official repo, you need to first build it from source. Make sure to add -fPIC to CFLAGS when compiling.

When MuPDF is ready, edit in PyMuPDF and comment out the line of library_dirs=[] to specify the directory which contains libmupdf.a and other 3rd party libraries. Also remove crypto in libraries in since it is just required by Arch Linux.


Please have a look at the basic demos or the examples which contain complete, working programs.

You can also access the complete documentation as a PDF or as a Windows compiled html.

Legacy Support


PyMuPDF is distributed under GNU GPL v3.


You can also find PyMuPDF on the Python Package Index PyPI.

We invite you to join our efforts by contributing to the the wiki pages.

Please submit comments or any issues either to this site or by sending an e-mail to the authors Ruikai Liu, Jorj X. McKie.

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