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For more information about dotfiles, I wrote these articles on my blog:


  1. Generate new SSH keys and add them to your GitHub account
    1. Alternatively, restore your safely backed up SSH keys to ~/.ssh/
  2. Install Homebrew and git
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install git
  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Run the script
    1. Alternatively, only run the scripts in specific subfolders if you don't need everything
  2. (Optional) Point your Alfred preference sync to a backed up folder
  3. Login to applications, enter license keys, set preferences


I strongly encourage you to play around with the configurations, and add or remove features. If you would like to use these dotfiles for yourself, I'd recommend changing at least the following:


  • The .gitconfig file includes my [user] config, replace these with your own user name and email


  • At the top of the file, my computer name is set, replace this with your own computer name


This folder is a collection of the programs and utilities I use frequently. These lists can easily be amended to your liking.


This folder is a collection of my own repos, some of which are even private. The existing lists can easily be edited or replaced by custom lists.


Root (/)

  • - Calls all scripts

User Bin (bin/)

  • - Symlinks the other contents of the folder to ~/bin/
  • imgcat - A utility to display images inline in iTerm 2
  • sethidden - A shell script which takes command line arguments to show or hide hidden files
  • togglehidden - A shell script that toggles between showing and hiding hidden files

Duti (duti/)

  • - Sets the defaults set up in the different files
  • - Contains all extensions for the specified program

Fish (fish/)

  • - Symlinks all fish files to their corresponding location in ~/.config/fish/
  • - Global fish configuration (.fishrc)
  • fishfile - List of fisher plugins
  • completions/
    • - Contains all repos as completions for the repo command
    • - Contains all repos as completions for the repodir command
  • functions/
    • - Utility for expanding abbreviations in fish-scripts
    • - Clears the screen and shows fish_greeting
    • - Empties trash and clears system logs
    • - Fish greeting with fish logo
    • - The Classic + Git prompt from the fish web config
    • - Fish plugin manager
    • - Executes a passed command for all repos in ~/repos
    • - Calling ls with parameter --color=auto
    • - Open a man page in Preview
    • - Purge local mvn repository
    • - Copies the SSH public key to the clipboard
    • - Finds a repository in ~/repos and jumps to it
    • - Finds a repository in ~/repos and prints its path
    • - Initial setup for a new fish installation, contains abbreviations
    • - Installs OS X Software Updates, updates Ruby gems, Homebrew, npm, and their installed packages
    • - Returns the current week number

Git (git/)

  • - Symlinks all git files to ~/
  • .gitignore_global - Contains global gitignores, such as OS-specific files and several compiled files
  • .gitconfig - Sets several global Git variables

Hammerspoon (hammerspoon/)

  • - Symlinks all lua and AppleScript files to ~/.hammerspoon/
  • init.lua - Contains the main Hammerspoon config, importing the others
  • bluetooth.lua - Toggles Bluetooth headset connection
  • caffeinate.lua - Shortcuts for managing screen state (locking, etc.)
  • connect_headphones.applescript - Toggles Bluetooth headset connection
  • hyper.lua - Binds the "F18" key to a Hyper mode, which can be used for global commands
  • minimising.lua - Shortcuts for minimising and unminimising windows
  • shortcuts.lua - Hyper key bindings to existing shortcuts
  • spectacle.lua - Window and monitor management using hyper mode

Karabiner (karabiner/)

  • - Symlinks Karabiner settings to ~/.config/karabiner
  • karabiner.json - Binds the CAPS LOCK key to "F18" to use with hammerspoon

macOS Preferences (macos/)

  • - Executes a long list of commands pertaining to macOS Preferences

Packages (packages/)

  • - Installs the contents of the .list files and the Brewfile

Repositories (repos/)

  • - Clones the repositories in the .list files at the corresponding locations

Helper Scripts (scripts/)

  • - Contains helper functions for symlinking files and printing progress messages

Vim (vim/)

  • - Symlinks all vim files to ~/
  • .vimrc - Basic Vim configuration

Visual Studio Code (vscode/)

  • - Symlinks the settings.json file to ~/Library/Application Support/Code/User
  • settings.json - Contains user settings for Visual Studio Code


πŸ’» macOS System Configuration with Fish, Package Control, VS Code, Repo management, Hammerspoon








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