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Truffle University - Plugin Creation Workshop

This repository contains the example code for the plugin creation workshop as part of Truffle University. The repository contains a simple Express server that connects with a local MongoDB instance and exposes an API to store artifacts and count the numebr of stored artifacts. Additionally the repository contains a simple truffle project that integrates truffle-plugin-store. The master branch merely contains boilerplate for this plugin, whereas the reference branch contains an implementation for it.


To complete this workshop, you need Node.js, Truffle, and MongoDB installed locally.

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Install Truffle
    npm install -g truffle
  3. Install MongoDB

Running the server

Make sure MongoDB is running locally, either as a service or as a standalone process through mongod.

cd artifact-storage-server
npm install
npm start

Keep the server running during the rest of the workshop.

Using truffle-plugin-store

Compile the contracts in the simplestorage/ directory and run the plugin's store function.

cd simplestorage
npm install
truffle compile
truffle run store SimpleStorage

In case of the boilerplate code, this will simply output hello to the console.

Implementing truffle-plugin-store

To actually add utility to the plugin, we can implement the requirements.

  1. A contract name is passed as a positional argument (truffle run store SimpleStorage).
  2. The build artifact of the specified contract is sent as a body parameter with name artifact to the storage server.
  3. An optional url parameter can be passed in, while the default is http://localhost:3000/artifacts.
  4. The stored artifact count is retrieved from the storage server at http://localhost:3000/artifacts/${contractName}.
  5. The results are meaningfully logged to the console.

Since the boilerplate code is set up to integrate truffle-plugin-store into simplestorage already, there are no extra steps, and only the store.js file needs to be changed.


Truffle University - Plugin creation workshop




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