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About ExQuilla

ExQuilla is an addon for Mozilla's Thunderbird email client that allows access to both messages and contacts stored on Exchange Server 2007 - 2015. ExQuilla uses EWS (Exchange Web Services) for access to the server. ExQuilla (for versions beginning with 52.) will work with Thunderbird 52. versions on Windows, Linux, and OSX platforms. (Earlier ExQuilla versions worked with earlier versions of Thunderbird, but are no longer being updated.)

ExQuilla is not free software, but is licensed on an annual basis. New users are granted a free 60 day trial license automatically.


Does ExQuilla work with Beta versions of Thunderbird?

ExQuilla claims that my password is incorrect and does not connect

Do I have a valid Exchange Web Services URL?

Postbox support (or lack thereof)

Is ExQuilla free software?

How do I get support for ExQuilla?

Configuration and Setup

Custom User-Agent string

Configuring the Outgoing Server

Configuring an ExQuilla account

After Installation - Configuring and Exchange Account

User Messages (Mostly obsolete since licenses are no longer needed)

End User License Agreement

Email License Expired

Email License Expiring Soon

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