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Configuring an Exchange account

After you have successfully completed the steps in "Create Exchange Account" you can, if you desire, customize some aspects of the Exchange account. For the most part these work as they do in a traditional Thunderbird mail account, and will not be described here.

In Tools/Account Settings... the Exchange Server account will show up just like a traditional email account, but with a new available screen "Exchange Server" which contains the custom settings for the Exchange Server account:

"Exchange URL: is the interenet address used to contact the server, which should have been filled in when you first created the server.

There are two other new fields here:

"Log Server Interactions" (which is disabled by default) will create a log file that shows all of the interactions between Thunderbird and the Exchange server, for debugging purposes. Warning: this can create large files, and slow down Thunderbird. You shoudl probably only use this ifd dirrected to do that by our support staff.

"Use Exchange Address Book" allows you to select whether your Exchange Server contact folders will appear i the Thunderbird Address Book.

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