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Does ExQuilla work with Beta versions of Thunderbird?

ExQuilla is only officially available for normal release versions of Thunderbird. We will occasionally release beta versions of ExQuilla that will work with beta versions of Thunderbird, particularly as Thunderbird approaches an official release.

As of today (2018-03-14) the current release of ExQuilla works with the official release 52, as well as the previous official release 45. We are in the process of updating that to a version that will work with the upcoming Thunderbird 60 release and also with Thunderbird 52 - but will drop support for Thunderbird 45. The upcoming release of ExQuilla, targeted to Thunderbird 60, may keep working in later beta versions of Thunderbird, but that will be unsupported until further notice.

Support for ExQuilla in versions of Thunderbird past version 60 is currently undecided. The next major release of Thunderbird, Thunderbird 67, would presumably release around March 2019. There are major challenges in Thunderbird to continue to support extensions in that release. ExQuilla is a very complex extension and would likely be one of the more difficult extensions to support. We are not currently committed to continuing to support ExQuilla past Thunderbird 60 - including in any intervening beta releases after Thunderbird 60.

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