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ExQuilla License Expired

Your ExQuilla license has expired. If you wish to continue to use ExQuilla, you will need to get a license.

(This page appears once in a tab in Thunderbird when the ExQuilla addon license has expired.)

ExQuilla, beginning with version 24 in September 2013, requires an annual license for use. New users, by default, were granted a free 60 day trial license, or you may have been using another type of license. After your license expires, ExQuilla will enter a read-only mode until a valid license is entered.

One license is required for each user, using the user's individual email address on a Microsoft Exchange Server as the license key. Multiple email addresses are allowed per installation, as long as the licensed individual email address is also in use on that installation. Domain licenses are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions concerning ExQuilla licenses.

Where do I buy a license?

The license purchasing website is still under development, but try this link to view, or enter in a browser: This will take you to a third-party site (Fastspring) that handles license transactions.

How do I enter a license into ExQuilla?

All licenses are stored on a license server. Normally after you purchase a license, on the next restart ExQuilla will query the license server and find your license. You can also add the license (which is just some text) manually, or manually query the license server, using (within Thunderbird with ExQuilla) Tools/ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange/Open ExQuilla license options.

Why are you transitioning to a pay model?

Simply put, because ExQuilla has from the start intended to be a business and not a hobby. ExQuilla represents years of effort, and to justify that effort and the continuing effort in support, maintenance, and improvements, it needs to generate income.

Others seems to generate their income from donations and advertising, why not ExQuilla?

Other extensions earn some income from donations and advertising, but for the vast majority of extensions the amount is typically a couple of orders of magnitude below the amount required to pay the developers at prevailing wages. I am not willing to work for the income that donations and advertising would generate (which would typically be much less than $1 per hour), nor do I think it is reasonable to expect that of others.

What are my choices if I do not want to get a license?

Earlier versions of ExQuilla will continue to work with Thunderbird 17, so you are free to continue to use versions of ExQuilla prior to version 24 with Thunderbird 17. However, if you update to the newer version Thunderbird 24 when it releases in September 2013, you will not be able to continue to use ExQuilla, as only ExQuilla 24 and later will be compatible with Thunderbird 24.

How can you expect people to pay for ExQuilla without fixing [insert your bug or feature of choice here]?

As much as I would like to have ExQuilla match all Outlook AND Thunderbird features, the current market for this extension does not seem to justify the team of 10 developers that would be required to do that. Same issue with bugs. Also, the payments for the extension contribute to the effort to improve the product by adding features and fixing bugs.

What are the terms for the ExQuilla for-pay license?

The exact details of the for-pay ExQuilla licenses have not been determined yet. However, the rough expectation is that ExQuilla will be licensed on a one-year subscription model, with an annual subscription costing approximately $10. You will need to have at least one account configured using the email from the license.

How can I see if I have a license, and when it expires?

You may view information about your license, from Thunderbird, by entering Tools/ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange/Open ExQuilla license options. This will show your license, licensed email and expiration date, as well as allow licensing-related operations.

My email is transmitted with the license request, what is your privacy policy with that email address?

The email address will be used within subsequent versions of the ExQuilla addon to verify license validity. We will not send emails to the addresses from the licenses, nor will we give or sell those email addresses to others.

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