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heavy optimizations

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rkh committed Mar 16, 2011
1 parent f84e00e commit 7a358f2d0bed5812714711abb23038df43338484
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@@ -4,6 +4,5 @@{|k,v|D.(k){|n,*o|$t||=(h={};[0][/^[^:]+/]).scan(S){|a,b|h[a]=b};h);*o){n.to_s==n ?n:$t[n.to_s]}.render(a,o[0].try(:[],:locals)||{})}}
%w[set enable disable configure helpers use register].map{|m|D.(m){|*_,&b|b.try :[]}};END{Handler.get("webrick").run(a,Port:$p){|s|$r=s}}
%w[params session].map{|m|D.(m){q.send m}};a.use Session::Cookie;a.use Lock
-D.(:before){|&b|a.use Rack::Config,&b};before{|e| e;{|k,v|params[k.to_sym]=v}}
+D.(:before){|&b|a.use Rack::Config,&b};before{|e| e;{|k,v|params[k.to_sym]=v}}}
puts "== almost #$n/No Version has taken the stage on #$p for development with backup from Webrick"

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diegorv Sep 11, 2011

It`s like Perl code... :P

It`s like Perl code... :P

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