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second round #6

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this causes an "can't modify hash while iterating" exception on the latest 1.9


does using R for $r work? I believed constants are looked up lexically at parse time so the trap block would fail

works fine :]


@riffraff: They are looked up lexically, but not at parse time. (Also, except if you use ActiveSupport autoloading, they are also looked up in the inheritance chain.)

@janlelis: Sorry, but 13 lines is a no go.

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Showing with 9 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +9 −5 almost_sinatra.rb
14 almost_sinatra.rb
@@ -1,9 +1,13 @@
-%w.rack tilt backports INT{|l|trap(l){$r.stop}rescue require l}
-${extend Rack;a,D,S,$p,q,,Object.method(:define_method),/@@ *([^\n]+)\n(((?!@@)[^\n]*\n)*)/m,4567,a
+%w.rack tilt backports INT{|l|trap(l){R.stop}rescue require l}
+${extend Rack;;D,P,q=Object.method(:define_method),4567
%w[get post put delete].map{|m|D.(m){|u,&b|{run->(e){[200,{"Content-Type"=>"text/html"},[a.instance_eval(&b)]]}}}}{|k,v|D.(k){|n,*o|$t||=(h={};[0][/^[^:]+/]).scan(S){|a,b|h[a]=b};h);*o){n.to_s==n ?n:$t[n.to_s]}.render(a,o[0].try(:[],:locals)||{})}}
-%w[set enable disable configure helpers use register].map{|m|D.(m){|*_,&b|b.try :[]}};END{Handler.get("webrick").run(a,Port:$p){|s|$r=s}}{|k,v|D.(k){|n,*o|$t||=(h={};[0][/^[^:]+/]).scan(/@@ *([^
+%w[set enable disable configure helpers use register].map{|m|D.(m){|*,&b|b.try :[]}};END{Handler.get(W).run(a,Port:P){|s|R=s}}
%w[params session].map{|m|D.(m){q.send m}};a.use Session::Cookie;a.use Lock
D.(:before){|&b|a.use Rack::Config,&b};before{|e| e;{|k,v|params[k.to_sym]=v}}
-puts "== almost #$n/No Version has taken the stage on #$p for development with backup from Webrick"
+puts"== almost #$n/No Version has taken the stage on #{P} for development with backup from "+W="WEBrick"
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