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@@ -4,8 +4,24 @@ Sinatra::BigBand
BigBand is a stack of [Sinatra]( extensions, most of them developed as part of BigBand, but usable without,
each of available as a separate gem. All BigBand extensions follow the same release cycle.
-Note: The list below are libraries, that already have been extracted from the BigBand master branch. More will follow.
-With the release of BigBand 0.4.0 this branch will become the new master branch.
+Simply replace `Sinatra::Base` with `Sinatra::BigBand` in your application.
+A simple example would be:
+ require 'sinatra/big_band'
+ class MyApp < Sinatra::BigBand
+ # ...
+ end
+Maybe you want all extensions except `Sinatra::Compass`?
+ require 'sinatra/big_band'
+ class MyApp < Sinatra::BigBand :except => :Compass
+ # ...
+ end
The BigBand Stack
@@ -16,10 +32,9 @@ Sinatra Extensions
* [Sinatra::Compass]( – Integrates the Compass stylesheet framework
* [Sinatra::ConfigFile]( – Adds YAML config file support
* [Sinatra::MoreServer]( – Adds support for more web servers to Sinatra::Base#run!
-* [Sinatra::Namespace]( – Adds namespaces, allows namespaces to have local helpers.
+* [Sinatra::Namespace]( – Adds namespaces, allows namespaces to have local helpers.
* [Sinatra::Reloader]( – Advanced and fast code reloader
* [Sinatra::Sugar]( – Extensions for Sinatra's standard methods, like #set or #register
-* [Sinatra::WebInspector]( – Allows you to inspect a running app
Sinatra tool integration:
@@ -41,15 +56,13 @@ Goals for 0.4.0
* Some sub-projects should work with MagLev and IronRuby (partial MacRuby support planned for later release)
* Ease to modify the stack
-Setup via gemcutter
+Setup via gem
gem install big_band
-Note: Currently this will only install BigBand 0.3.x, since 0.4 is not out yet.
Running the specs / Manual setup
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