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BigBand is a stack of Sinatra extensions, most of them developed as part of BigBand, but usable without, each of available as a separate gem. All BigBand extensions follow the same release cycle.

Note: The list below are libraries, that already have been extracted from the BigBand master branch. More will follow. With the release of BigBand 0.4.0 this branch will become the new master branch.

The BigBand Stack

Sinatra Extensions

Sinatra tool integration:

  • AsyncRack – Makes standard rack middleware play nice with async.callback
  • Haml::More – Adds more functionality to Haml and Sass
  • monkey-lib – Thin layer over ruby extension libraries (like ActiveSupport) to make those pluggable
  • Sinatra::TestHelper – Adds helper methods and better integration for various testing frameworks
  • Yard::Sinatra – Displays Sinatra routes (including comments) in YARD output

Besides those extensions, there are others in the BigBand stack, that are external:

Goals for 0.4.0

  • No sub-project relies on BigBand
  • All sub-projects should work with MRI/REE >= 1.8.6 (including 1.9.x), JRuby >= 1.4.0 and Rubinius >= 1.0
  • Some sub-projects should work with MagLev and IronRuby (partial MacRuby support planned for later release)
  • Ease to modify the stack

Setup via gemcutter


gem install big_band

Note: Currently this will only install BigBand 0.3.x, since 0.4 is not out yet.

Running the specs / Manual setup

Try something like this:

# dependencies, rather mainstream. just in case you don't have one of those.
gem install sinatra rspec rack-test rake

# get the source
git clone git://
rake setup:read_only

# run the specs
rake spec

# run with multiple ruby implementations using rvm
rvm specs ree,1.9.1,rbx,jruby
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