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IRB in your browser, via WebSockets.
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IRB in your browser, via WebSockets. Proof of concept.


gem install haml em-websockets monkey-lib capture_stdout escape_utils
git clone git://
cd brirb
ruby brirb.rb

Now, open brirb.html.

What's the point?

  • Embed this in your Rails/Rack app, so you have a console in the process serving your page
  • Embed this in your ShowOff presentations to really show off
  • WebSockets are fun, play with the code!
  • Combine IRB with HTML output/interaction...
  • Output is fully async! Try this (in brirb): { loop { sleep 2; ws.send('foo') } } (stop it with _.kill)

Want to hack on it?

Feel free! Especially my javascript-fu sucks a lot. It is not very shell like at the moment.

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