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Aug 18, 2008

  1. ry

    small clean ups

    authored August 18, 2008

Aug 10, 2008

  1. ry

    remove unicode character (fucks up rubygems in yarv)

    authored August 10, 2008

Aug 09, 2008

  1. ry

    remove rails running stuff.

    authored August 09, 2008

Aug 04, 2008

  1. ry

    update website

    authored August 04, 2008

Aug 02, 2008

  1. ry

    update readme.. a bit

    authored August 02, 2008

Apr 08, 2008

  1. Support keep-alive in python. readme changes.

    authored April 08, 2008

Mar 18, 2008

  1. site update

    authored March 18, 2008
  2. fixed nasty content-length bug.

    apparently rails needs "CONTENT_LENGTH" key in the environ instead of "HTTP_CONTENT_LENGTH"?  the ragel parser is currently hitting content-length headers twice - this is a know bug and mearly an annoyance. I plan on working more with the parser soon so I'll leave the bug in for the 0.1.0 release.
    authored March 18, 2008

Mar 14, 2008

  1. small site update

    authored March 14, 2008

Mar 13, 2008

  1. site update

    authored March 13, 2008

Mar 12, 2008

  1. Clean up benchmark scripts

    authored March 12, 2008

Mar 04, 2008

  1. documentation edit and a fix to run on older rubies

    authored March 04, 2008
  2. use atoi_len instead of strncpy+atoi

    authored March 04, 2008
  3. decrease buffersize - fix readme

    authored March 04, 2008

Mar 01, 2008

  1. Pave the way for python binding.

    I will use Rakefile to create the MANIFEST file. For
      python sdist
    A skeleton ebb_python.c file has been added.
    I removed src/parser.c - sorry if this screws people up. You need Ragel 6 to
    build parser.rl into parser.c. Otherwise you can always grab the infrequently
    changing parser.c from the gem or zip releases.
    authored March 01, 2008

Feb 28, 2008

  1. small changes, and adding parser.c

    authored February 28, 2008
  2. more upload tests and site modifications

    authored February 28, 2008
  3. many small bug fixes, mostly related to install

    thanks to Pratik Naik for his help.
    authored February 28, 2008

Feb 27, 2008

  1. more site changes

    authored February 27, 2008
  2. web site and benchmark fixes

    authored February 27, 2008
  3. small fixes - clean up - tests

    added a test for the env object. was forced to marshalling though a request
    to get access to it. isn't there a better way to do this?
    authored February 27, 2008

Feb 23, 2008

  1. add version file

    authored February 23, 2008

Feb 10, 2008

  1. Added ebb_rails executable.

    You should be able to download this run
      rake package && sudo gem i pkg/ebb-0.0.1.gem -- --with-ev-dir=/usr/local
    (or where ever your libev is installed)
    Also make sure you have glib-config in your path.
    cd into your rails project and run
      ebb_rails start
    authored February 10, 2008
  2. More random fixes and cleaning up. Nothing major.

    authored February 10, 2008

Feb 04, 2008

  1. Handle POST bodies. Benchmark improvements.

    authored February 04, 2008

Jan 28, 2008

  1. Added a new evented write function. It's a little messy at the moment…

    … and the
    other write function still co-exists but it seems to work.
    authored January 28, 2008

Jan 25, 2008

  1. This is a large rewrite of the core server. I eliminated hundreds of …

    …lines of
    code by pushing the socket level interactions into ebb.c. One would think this
    makes things unwieldy and difficult but on the contrary it makes the whole
    system much more comprehensible (albeit with some longer functions).
    Requests are now allocated with the server. The only thing that is being
    dynamically grown during a request is the GString buffer, but I would like to
    eliminate that in the future too. On the Ruby side we're creating many Client
    objects but this could be done away with by an immutable global array with
    pre-initialized clients.
    I'm amazed and happy at how the code has shrunk in this commit.
    authored January 25, 2008

Jan 20, 2008

  1. Ignore SIGPIPE. (Wow that suddenly makes things usable!)

    authored January 20, 2008
  2. Removed pthreads - duh - can't use that with the Ruby VM. What was I

    thinking? As in evented Mongrel, we will process clients completely
    authored January 20, 2008

Jan 19, 2008

  1. Statically allocate all tcp_peers (and their recv buffers). The goal …

    …is to
    make zero allocation calls during a request. Ebb is still allocating it's
    request structures but I will change that too soon.
    Updated the TODO list.
    ./ebb_test is broken.
    authored January 19, 2008

Jan 16, 2008

  1. Added a timeout watcher to TCP class - probably isn't working properl…

    …y yet.
    Added ebb_client_write to complete the abstraction from TCP.
    authored January 16, 2008

Jan 14, 2008

  1. more readme changes

    authored January 14, 2008
  2. more readme changes

    authored January 14, 2008
  3. worked on readme

    authored January 14, 2008
  4. worked on readme

    authored January 14, 2008
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