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Monk skeleton with compass and rspec.
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This skeleton uses the followin libraries:

  • Compass for fast layout development

  • RSpec for testing

  • Extlib (with monkey-lib) for sane ruby extensions

Alternate directory structure

Instead of the usual app/ structure known from Rails, Merb or other Monk skeletons, this project uses a different project structure:

for controllers/helpers:  routes/
for views:                views/
for models:               lib/project/

Models should be written in a way to be reusable and viewed as a stand-alone library (hence them being in lib)


This skeleton can be used with monk, priest or as stand-alone. It does not depend in any way on monk, but plays well with it.

Stand-alone usage

Run this to create a new project called example_project:

git clone git:// example_path
cd example_path
bin/project rename example_project

If you have dependency issues, you can install those either as git submodules:

rake vendor:install:submodules

Or globally as gems:

rake vendor:install:gems

There after you'll be able to create routes and such:

bin/example_project create route pages page/:name

Monk usage

monk add gerippe git://
monk init example_path -s gerippe
cd example_path
dep vendor --all
monk create route pages page/:name

Priest usage

Priest is an extended monk version (

priest add gerippe git://
priest init example_path -s gerippe --keep-remote
cd example_path
rake vendor:install:submodules
priest create route pages page/:name

Note: You can also add –keep-remote to the “priest add” line, so it will be default option for every “priest init” of gerippe. However, this will cause the gerippe skeleton entry to be unusable from the original monk command line tool, as monk and priest share the same config file. Future versions of monk will be able to cope with priest's extended config entries. If you just use priest this should not cause any problems.

Custom Monk tasks

monk name                     # displayes the projects name, currently Project
monk rename NAME              # changes the projects name to NAME
monk create TYPE NAME [ARGS]  # generate routes and such
monk types                    # lists types available for monk create

Note: “monk” can be replaced with “priest” or “bin/PROJECT_NAME”


  • Create forks for different ORMs.

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