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head fork: rkh/jruby
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Commits on Aug 24, 2011
@nahi nahi Refactoring: create org.jruby.ext.zlib package
Move constant definitions and common logics to the new package.
@nahi nahi TestCase should not be nested.
Move 3 testcases to outer scope. No test changes.
@nahi nahi EADDRINUSE/EADDRNOTAVAIL for TCPSocket as well as TCPServer
Extract BindException handling code for EADDRINUSE / EADDRNOTAVAIL from
RubyTCPServer and let RubyTCPSocket use it.
@headius headius Refactor Fiber support into threaded and coroutine-based. 0abdd83
@headius headius Add fake coro classes needed for compilation. 4e73b08
@nahi nahi JRUBY-6017: Merge branch 'zlib_common_xflater' 7b9f999
@headius headius Fix JRUBY-5994: Bad performance using hash accessors on ConcurrentMap
Many operations tried to emulate Hash by iterating all Map entries and converting Java objects to Ruby. This impacted performance of those Hash methods severely, resulting in a substantial degradation from previous releases. My change eliminates the full emulation and just allows the Map to behave as it chooses, which may or may not match Hash semantics.

Related dups: JRUBY-6006, JRUBY-6018
(cherry picked from commit 1aff8f7)
@tobias tobias Fully unregister the instance mbean [JRUBY-6019] af4a3d1
Commits on Aug 25, 2011
@enebo enebo IR: Allow splats for args 05b6ee2
@headius headius Name generated populators POPULATOR, for filtering purposes (like INV…
Commits on Aug 26, 2011
@headius headius Remove deprecated String methods and eliminate one deprecation warning. e2bdd6e
@headius headius Primitive initial support for a .jrubyrc, based on properties. 0f721c2
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Remove tag for passing spec 23030b0
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Revert "Remove tag for passing spec" -- still failing in precompiled …

This reverts commit 23030b0.
@nahi nahi Extract all Zlib exception generators to Util. b9561fd
@nahi nahi Raise BufError properly from Zlib::Inflate#finish
Zlib::Inflate#finish should raise BufError when a given gzip stream does
not ends with proper trailer.

Reported by Atsuhiko Yamanaka at!/ymnk/status/106950542605029377 Thanks!
@headius headius Merge pull request #69 from tobias/JRUBY-6019
Fully unregister the instance mbean [JRUBY-6019]
@headius headius Modify dotfile to use short property names and update --properties do…
…cs for 1.8/1.9 compat version format.

(cherry picked from commit bcedef3)
@headius headius Modify --properties list to use new short form.
(cherry picked from commit 318191b)
@headius headius Support .jrubyrc in current dir and clean up dotfile processing a bit.
(cherry picked from commit 482daa8)
@nicksieger nicksieger Upgrade to Rubygems 1.8.9 b471d3e
Commits on Aug 27, 2011
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Test for JRUBY-3818, based on Lars Westergren's gist:… c914e09
Commits on Aug 29, 2011
@enebo enebo IR: backoff 1.9 semantics for splat 88efb6c
@enebo enebo IR: Cleanup of fetchCompileTimeArrayElement 3be4b70
@enebo enebo IR: Whoops one more fetchCompileTimeArrayElement which should be removed 7dc7449
@enebo enebo IR: make IDE green and style tweaks 499c946
@enebo enebo IR: Make direct reference to RubyMatchData instead of Class.forName 59691f7
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Catch CFG transformation errors and dump CFG to aid debugging 5bb3379
@subbuss subbuss [IR] When building IR for closures, allocate a new IR builder
context so that rescue/ensure info from the method does not spill
over into the closure.
@enebo enebo IR: broad-brush spec file b1991a9
@enebo enebo Generic boxed version of squeeze! should still work with no-arg list e96d141
@enebo enebo IR: squeeze working b0c7de8
@enebo enebo IR: D* can have null children 9dee702
@enebo enebo IR: One more spec exploder gone f6a0b85
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Bug fix generating CFG for blocks containing closure returns 35a885a
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Bug fix for IR generation for nexts within ensure blocks 0f610cc
@enebo enebo IR: Make alias work better (fixes hundreds of specs) a715ffc
Commits on Aug 30, 2011
@enebo enebo Kernel#send boxed arg version did not accept 0-length args arr 64b4abd
@enebo enebo IR: Kernel#send passes specs 6d5ceff
@subbuss subbuss [IR] next spec is not a crasher now -- still has failures e9cf8f5
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Fixed IR generation bug when breaks are nested in ensure blocks cbda1bf
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Bug fixes running ensures on encountering break or next; next no…
…w throws local jump error on encountering an out-of-place next
@subbuss subbuss [IR] thread/raise spec now gets stuck in an infinite loop - removing …
…it from ci spec run
@subbuss subbuss [IR] One more bug fix in YieldInstr IR + switched around polarity of …
…wrapArray flag to unwrapArray flag for more clearer YieldInstr IR
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Bug fix interpreting EQQInstr 76d7a43
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Stripped new lines from ast nodes before building IR for definit…
…ion checsk
@enebo enebo We have paths calling newNameError with an explicit null origExceptio…
…n. Block out NPE in logging
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Mark search_const as an instruction that can raise exceptions 2cb3f83
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Better toString output for InstanceOfInstr 11e997c
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Mark get_class_var instruction as an exception raising instruction aca9535
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Bug fixes in defined? IR generation b63fce5
@subbuss subbuss [IR] In debug mode, interpreter now prints exception information 1b77611
Commits on Aug 31, 2011
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Added to_ary coercion when yielding values to multi-arg blocks d925a8a
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Bug fix in interpreting EQQInstr 72a5013
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Correctly handle blocks passed into class << self code 57f21ba
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Fixed incorrect order of evaluation of receiver & call args in a…
…ll cases (receiver first, args left-to-right)
@godfat godfat we need to update fullName cache for module, along with all its children
(cherry picked from commit 26f3961)
@headius headius Refactor and clean up "full name" calculation, in response to @godfat'…
…s patch.
@headius headius Beginning of full Serializable support for RubyBasicObject hierarchy. d0aef72
@headius headius Fix serialization spec that bafflingly passed for me before committing.
(cherry picked from commit fed503c)
@headius headius Minor hack to eliminate rspec 2.6ish warnings about deprecated features. 938edc4
Commits on Sep 01, 2011
@headius headius Move parts of RubyJRuby (the "JRuby" module) into Ruby code. e6c371f
@nahi nahi Raise DataError properly from Zlib::Inflate#inflate
For broken gzip trailer, we only raise from Zlib::Inflate#finish since
we only parsed gzip trailer from the finish method. To follow zlib.c's
behavior, we should parse the gzip trailer for Inflate#<< and
Inflate#inflate as well if the gzip body is finished.

Reported by Atsuhiko Yamanaka at!/ymnk/status/107118737743814658 Thanks!
@headius headius Move jruby/ext extension to Ruby code. c6ec589
@headius headius Remove unused MethodExtensions class. 33c7cf2
@headius headius Still used from Java code; need a solution for this.
Revert "Remove unused MethodExtensions class."

This reverts commit 33c7cf2.
@headius headius Add missing method.rb. bf7acc0
@headius headius Move jruby/core_ext to Ruby. f96764a
@headius headius Move RubyJRuby out of org.jruby package, into ext subdir, and restruc…
Commits on Sep 02, 2011
@yokolet yokolet Applies @knu's patch, . This patch fi…
…xes errors of pure Java Nokogiri tests. A discussion is done at tenderlove/nokogiri@8ee889b#commitcomment-542636
@headius headius Fix SwitchPoint guard's fallback to curry the call site, like GWT's f…
…allback does.
@nahi nahi Raise DataError properly from Zlib::Inflate#inflate
Similar fix as f8df1ab. For broken gzip
trailer, we should raise DataError even if the trailer is splitted into
multiple input chunks.

Reported by Atsuhiko Yamanaka at!/ymnk/status/109476173142179840 Thanks!
@enebo enebo Mild style tweak for recursiveJoin 17409c0
@enebo enebo JRUBY-5639: Array#join turns utf-8 strings into ascii-8bit strings (s…
…ans non-string element as first element of join)
@enebo enebo Reversed logic from MRI 67c85a1
@enebo enebo Doh! 1.9 methods need 1.9 append. Also reverse explicit first element…
… encoding set since previous commit unbroke coderange + cat issues
@enebo enebo All 1.9 dnode types should propagate an encoding 18204c2
@enebo enebo io.readlines(nil) needs to set proper encoding eb20f50
@enebo enebo by pass ascii escape check is non-ascii compatible encoding 0f39e7d
@enebo enebo I hate looking at raw int value 4891865
@enebo enebo Well a hack in place with a few things fixed for realz in 1.9 encodin…
…g land
Commits on Sep 03, 2011
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Update references to asm jars from 3.0 to 4.0_RC1 in Rakefile 807c02e
Commits on Sep 04, 2011
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan tzdata 2011i was released on August 29, 2011 3f7b5cb
Commits on Sep 05, 2011
@nahi nahi JRUBY-5778: Improve Zlib compatibility.
The issue reported at JRUBY-5778 is for encoding. This commit fixes lots
of Zlib 1.8 and 1.9 incompatibility but 1.9-encoding is not yet
supported. I'll try the encoding next.

Fixed following incompatibilities:
 * GzipFile#path
 * GzipWriter#putc (1.9)
 * GzipWriter#bytesize
 * GzipReader#gets (nil, paragraph mode)

Rests are:
 * No encoding support
 * No adler32_combine and crc32_combine as Zlib module function
 * No Zlib::Deflate#dup
 * No GzipReader#readpartial
 * GzipFile::Error#input not set
@headius headius Minor perf improvement and bytecode reduction for interpolated strings. a9c26f0
Commits on Sep 06, 2011
@nahi nahi JRUBY-5985: circular require warning from RubyGems maven extension
Try to use autoload to load rubygems/maven_gemify. It started to work by
RubyGems update but it's tricky. Hope we can hook RubyGems in the
@nahi nahi Revert "JRUBY-5985: circular require warning from RubyGems maven exte…

This reverts commit d05b492.

The commit broke 'ant jar-complete'. I'll investigate it later.
@nahi nahi JRUBY-5778: Improve Zlib compatibility.
Added encoding support for Zlib.

Fixed following incompatibilities:
 * GzipReader encoding support
 * GzipReader#readpartial

Encoding support needs more test.
@nahi nahi JRUBY-5778: Improve Zlib compatibility.
I accidently removed checkLevel for GzipWriter and it caused test
failure. I recovered checkLevel.
@headius headius Fix imports of name-mangled ASM classes (and outright bad import of T…
@nahi nahi JRUBY-5778: Improve Zlib compatibility.
Fix internal/external encoding handlings and added encoding tests.
Commits on Sep 07, 2011
@nahi nahi Move Zlib encoding related implementations to
I expected there're common impls for encoding parameter parsing, but I
could not refactor now. Should be done in the future.
Commits on Sep 08, 2011
@enebo enebo Make work a little better in 1.9 mode when calling to_ary (…
…still WIP)
@enebo enebo Further hack my arity check (about to go to airport continued ugly co…
…mmit) for proc + to_ary. This makes mantisrb run agin (Further clean up soon)
@headius headius Add Evan Phoenix's "stringify" benchmark. f71ef50
@headius headius First refactoring of invokedynamic support. 2301588
@headius headius Tweaks to invokedynamic invocation to get tests passing.
* Handle null return values from Java calls appropriately
* Disable Java calls until I can add exception-handling wrapper logic
Commits on Sep 09, 2011
@headius headius Fixes to get Java 7 green:
* method_missing paths for attribute assignment must also return the last param instead of the return value.
* recent JDKs shut down parent's streams when child process terminates, so soften our close policy in that case.
* replace void-returning signatures with IRubyObject signatures (indy logic doesn't handle it right yet)
* replace non-IRubyObject arguments with IRubyObject (indy logic doesn't handle it right yet)
@headius headius Bump test run max memory to 768M, since 64-bit seems to need it. f58325b
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Mostly minor code cleanup f615472
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Removed some stale breakjump protection in CallInstr 6adf4ee
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Fixed return logic to throw local jump errors correctly. But, this
implementation should be revisited to use the 'block.isEscaped' logic
that the current AST interpreter uses which seems cheaper.
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Update mspec script to reflect what runs and doesn't run f9aed3d
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Bug fix handling break + reorged break-handling code in interpre…
…ter loop
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Clean up pre/post call setup/cleanup code -- do different things
for method calls and yield/block calls.  This fixes a number of spec
failures (including super).  Updated IR mspec script to reflect updated
state of crashers (and why they crash).
Commits on Sep 10, 2011
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Added SuperInstr to encode super & zsuper (and removed it from the
generic RubyInternalCallInstr) and handled scenario where the super
target is unknown lexically.
@enebo enebo JRUBY-6051: "\c?" should be equal to "\x7f" (patch by Yusuke Endoh an…
…d applied from the Artic circlegit add srcgit add src)
@enebo enebo JRUBY-6052: ''.unpack('u') blows up 4388ed3
Commits on Sep 11, 2011
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Minor script/root method naming changes 182f73e
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Fixed bug setting up the global ensure block af8da5b
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Handle returns from module/class/metaclass root methods + renamed
isAClassRootMethod to isAModuleRootMethod.
Commits on Sep 12, 2011
@koichiro koichiro Fix ByteList encoding in ruby1.9 e20e0e4
@nahi nahi JRUBY-6049: Fix 2 corner cases of Bignum#[]
 * Should normalize the argument first when Bignum given
 * Did not handle negative Bignum argument correctly
@enebo enebo Merge pull request #74 from koichiro/set_encoding_nkf
Fix ByteList encoding in ruby1.9 (JRUBY-6060).  I will cherry-pick this to jruby-1_6 when I get to a network which allows ssh connections.
@nahi nahi JRUBY-6050: Fix a corner case of Fixnum#[]
 * Should normalize the argument first when Bignum given
@nahi nahi JRUBY-6053: Fix Array#pack b/B format length handling e49e772
@headius headius Handle security error in .jrubyrc loading. Makes test-security-manage…
…r pass again.
@headius headius Make test-security-manager fail the build if it fails. 9f610df
@headius headius Default to new java.util.logging wrapper rather than stderr output. 6558e54
@headius headius Update to ASM 4.0 RC2 and master builds of jnr-{ffi,posix,constants,n…

Squashed commit of the following:

commit ce02afcf40ede2c485ab357435866ce754cd2671
Author: Charles Oliver Nutter <>
Date:   Mon Sep 12 12:46:44 2011 -0500

    Fix group id for jnr-posix and version numbers for modified libs.

commit 0b5632be85dce5500c35d3533fa5d7cd240bf515
Author: Charles Oliver Nutter <>
Date:   Mon Sep 12 12:39:24 2011 -0500

    Fixes to get ASM 4.0 RC2 passing tests.

    * Update jnr-* to master versions, since some depend on ASM and had to be updated too.
    * Fix ASM-related errors due to new class hierarchy.
    * fix skinnymethodadapter_spec to use new h_ prefix for handles and to filter "asm" constants.

commit 4ac391fb3bf2f53dd42f8e4c5f3a0e36ca638e1b
Author: Charles Oliver Nutter <>
Date:   Mon Sep 12 10:35:08 2011 -0500

    Remaining tweaks to get jruby compiling with ASM 4.0 RC2.

commit 3801518505d0d38bf045a39fd8ca6eb80ef50126
Author: Douglas Campos <>
Date:   Mon Sep 12 00:21:54 2011 -0300

    updated InvokeDynamicSupport

commit 2aabc1894d38b717cca2b4546f51596b8b03db6e
Author: Douglas Campos <>
Date:   Sun Sep 11 12:43:39 2011 -0300

    updating asm version
@headius headius Merge remote branch 'github/master' 0703b80
@headius headius Fix failure in test_nkf due to using UTF-16 encoding name directly. 32ac3b4
@headius headius Move NKF to org.jruby.ext.nkf. 6672bef
@headius headius Fix lazy-loaded nkf library. 89ddd68
@nicksieger nicksieger Updated IDEA project files 46872c0
@ymnk ymnk just running df35702
@ymnk ymnk passing test_total(TestZlibDeflateGzip) in test_zlib.rb bc9e3a4
@ymnk ymnk processing test/test_zlib.rb successfully.
  * jzlib will parse the gzip header and trailer correctly.
  * flush inflater before closing it.
@ymnk ymnk implementing Inflate#setDictionary with jzlib,
and a test code to comfirm it.
@ymnk ymnk It seems Inflate#set_dictionary has been expected to be invoked only …

an exception NeedDict from Inflate#inflate.
@ymnk ymnk fix miss-usage of Inflate#set_dictionary cc1934a
@ymnk ymnk The unexpected usage of Inflate#set_dictionary should fail. 77b5961
@ymnk ymnk Zlib::Inflate operations will be done with jzlib,
and implementations of sync and sync_point? using jzlib are added.
@ymnk ymnk Zip::Deflate will use jzlib, and deflate with SYNC_FLUSH will as expe…
@nahi nahi cherry-picking 'Raise DataError properly from Zlib::Inflate#inflate' 68b872e
@ymnk ymnk 'JZlibDeflate' and 'JZlibInflate' classes are added to delete 'jzlib'…
… flag.
@ymnk ymnk use com.jcraft.jzlib.{Deflater, Inflater} instead of c.j.j.ZStream. ab70b57
@ymnk ymnk Deflater#finished() and Inflater#finished() will be used. ed29824
@ymnk ymnk Support Zlib::Deflate#dup 56089fe
@ymnk ymnk Fix a bug in Inflater#sync, and add a test for it. 3e160da
@ymnk ymnk fix some more bugs related to sync 3558ef0
@ymnk ymnk Support Zlib.{adler32, crc32}_combine f174a2a
@nahi nahi JRUBY-5778: Improve Zlib compatibility.
The issue reported at JRUBY-5778 is for encoding. This commit fixes lots
of Zlib 1.8 and 1.9 incompatibility but 1.9-encoding is not yet
supported. I'll try the encoding next.

Fixed following incompatibilities:
 * GzipFile#path
 * GzipWriter#putc (1.9)
 * GzipWriter#bytesize
 * GzipReader#gets (nil, paragraph mode)

Rests are:
 * No encoding support
 * No adler32_combine and crc32_combine as Zlib module function
 * No Zlib::Deflate#dup
 * No GzipReader#readpartial
 * GzipFile::Error#input not set
@nahi nahi JRUBY-5778: Improve Zlib compatibility.
Added encoding support for Zlib.

Fixed following incompatibilities:
 * GzipReader encoding support
 * GzipReader#readpartial

Encoding support needs more test.
@nahi nahi JRUBY-5778: Improve Zlib compatibility.
I accidently removed checkLevel for GzipWriter and it caused test
failure. I recovered checkLevel.
@nahi nahi JRUBY-5778: Improve Zlib compatibility.
Fix internal/external encoding handlings and added encoding tests.
@nahi nahi Move Zlib encoding related implementations to
I expected there're common impls for encoding parameter parsing, but I
could not refactor now. Should be done in the future.
@headius headius Move zlib bits under org.jruby.ext.zlib. bc21084
@headius headius Move iconv bits under org.jruby.ext.iconv. 4d7b234
@headius headius Move stringio bits under org.jruby.ext.stringio b683ba9
@headius headius Move strscan bits under org.jruby.ext.strscan. ebeb2a4
@headius headius Move backward-compat 'enumerator' lib under org.jruby.ext.enumerator …
…and define Enumerator unconditionally (a la 1.8.7).
@headius headius Move 'thread' library bits under org.jruby.ext.thread and move inner …
…classes out.
@headius headius Move 'digest' and related libraries under org.jruby.ext.digest. 8b9fdd2
@headius headius Move 'bigdecimal' bits under org.jruby.ext.bigdecimal. 96bb3e5
@headius headius Move 'io/wait' bits under ab24502
@headius headius Move 'etc' library under org.jruby.ext.etc. 960e7f2
@headius headius Move 'weakref' library under org.jruby.ext.weakref. 3998959
@headius headius Move 'delegate' library under org.jruby.ext.delegate. c18fbe4
@headius headius Move 'timeout' library under org.jruby.ext.timeout. 7437da7
@headius headius Move 'rbconfig' library under org.jruby.ext.rbconfig. 17b117b
@headius headius Move 'jruby/serialization' library under org.jruby.ext.jruby c49e012
@headius headius Move 'tempfile' library under org.jruby.ext.tempfile. 52ed5a5
@headius headius Move 'fcntl' library under org.jruby.ext.fcntl. 9dc5bf2
@headius headius Fix package for 'fiber' library. 09f5fc3
@headius headius Move net/protocol extension under 3bfe137
@headius headius Get Enumerator and generator_internal loading properly in 1.9 mode. de1ce82
@headius headius Add missing Delegator class that didn't make the move completely. 3fd72b3
@headius headius Update NB project for jzlib. 5b71c5f
@headius headius Add proper asm jar to test/ classpath (nbproject). 0e2d0b6
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Remove really old hack and associated FIXME from DefineModuleInstr 07b1022
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Added a detailed comment about a special case not being correctl…
…y handled by DefineInstanceMethodInstr
Commits on Sep 13, 2011
@nahi nahi Update Eclipse classpath settings
For update of asm and new jzlib.
@nahi nahi Fix imports of tests
Follow moved files.
@nahi nahi UTF-16 is supported by NKF
Merge pull request #75 from koichiroo/fix_utf-16_error.

It's already fixed by Charles at 32ac3b4 but the fix by Koichiroo looks
slightly better, though it might have some map in the future.
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Set up module root method scopes to be children of a fixed Objec…
…t scope
@nahi nahi Update jzlib-gzip.jar for Java 5 env
Downloaded RC source from [1] and compiled with pom.xml[2] for


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""

  <description>JZlib is a re-implementation of zlib in pure Java</description>



@nahi nahi Make it compilable via Java 5
java.lang.String#isEmpty() is from Java 6.
@enebo enebo Mild Arity refactoring 10a41f9
@enebo enebo Mild TypeConverter refactoring eadf3a0
@enebo enebo change proc to have prepareProcArguments method and get rid of aliase…
…d variable name this.block (plus other trivial changes
@enebo enebo Fix nil array elements not giving a type error for various pack direc…
…tives. Fix nul in directives not being ignored
@enebo enebo Update some pack tags c40656a
@enebo enebo Use more strict double and float creation in 1.9 877199c
@enebo enebo Update tags for last fix abd17c8
@enebo enebo Match 1.8.7 argument error on pack instead of typeerror 0a0b03f
@enebo enebo Remove more tags for pack d3848d6
@headius headius Always load generator_internal for Enumerator#next and friends, rathe…
…r than cute require tricks.
@enebo enebo Encoding compatibility? fixed with the recent cat() fixes made 733023a
@headius headius Update Ruby 1.9 stdlib to freshly-merged jruby-ruby_1_9_2 copy. 903b36b
@headius headius Update to SnakeYAML 1.9. 2e56547
@enebo enebo The lame path towards greennes 33711f6
@headius headius Fix JRuby ext loading to report better errors (where it reported none…
… before).

(cherry picked from commit 68976c3)
@headius headius Fix NPE when rendering an ArgumentError for Ruby to Java invocations. b158c66
@headius headius Provide a finer-grained switch for turning off *just* C extensions. f804c10
@enebo enebo Missing logic for explicit //n (our embedding logic in JIT will never…
… hit this yet tho) in inspect
@enebo enebo Fix obvious null block passing in a null arity (WIP for others) 6fdf881
@headius headius Various minor fixes for Psych tests. 27ba592
Commits on Sep 14, 2011
@headius headius Fix a test failure and move native/cext enabled flags to per-runtime …
@headius headius Refactor RubyInstanceConfig.
* Reorganize contents into functional groups a bit.
* Pull out argument processing into a top-level class.
* Pull out command-line printing strings into a top-level class.
* Add settings for many fields missing them.
* Prepare for moving static configs into instance configs.
@headius headius Fix a couple visibility issues that somehow snuck by my clean builds …
…and test runs.
@nahi nahi Add src/org/jruby/util/cli/ temporarily
Just for local build.
@nahi nahi Update Eclipse classpath settings
For update of snakeyaml.
@headius headius Move general command-line help strings to a separate class and move r…
…eferences off RubyInstanceConfig.
@enebo enebo Make non-block accepting versions pass in NO_ARGUMENTS since…
…ity() is even weirder
@headius headius Support running on Java 1.8ish. c3d5d0f
@headius headius Fix some private methods that are being bound by another class's Lookup. 9b2ea60
@enebo enebo Remove dead inner static class and some minor refactoring 0312a7e
Commits on Sep 15, 2011
@tobias tobias Don't rely on FileStat#isIdentical on Windows, since it does not work…
… [JRUBY-5726]

FileStat#isIndentical uses inodes for identity, but Windows doesn't
support inodes, and always returns zero, making all files appear identical.

Signed-off-by: Hiro Asari <>
@nahi nahi Add test for cext enabled flag
Add 1 test which tries to load '' and checks if the message is 'C
extension is disabled'.
@nahi nahi Marshal.dump(aFloat) crash when $DEBUG = true
% jruby164 -e 'Marshal.dump(0.0)'
% jruby164 -e 'p Marshal.dump(0.0)'
% jruby164 -d -e 'p Marshal.dump(0.0)'
ArgumentError: too many arguments for format string
    dump at org/jruby/
  (root) at -e:1

It's from 2010-12-28.
spec/regression/JRUBY-4335_float_marshal_roundtrip_spec.rb started to
fail recently because of this.

commit ab3899a
Author: Charles Oliver Nutter <>
Date:   Tue Dec 28 16:04:38 2010 -0600

    Fix marshalled Float format to match Ruby. JRUBY-4334 and
@headius headius Fixes for test-all.
* Allow fallback to stdout logging when security policy prevents java.util.logging
* Move RubyRandom's SecureRandom to, so it is per-runtime and can be wrapped with a security fallback to Random.
* Disable debug logging by default in StandardErrorLogger.
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Implemented VAliasNode a0730af
@headius headius Proper fix for DRegexp and mixed encodings in 1.9 mode. b0b8ce4
Commits on Sep 16, 2011
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Fix JRUBY-6070: TCPSocket#new issues with local_addr and local_port
Based on identical patch by Duncan Mak and Dan Tylenda-Emmons. Thank you, guys!
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Fixed bad test in BNEInstr 7bb27f7
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Implemented FlipNode + added it to IR mspec run be349b7
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Removed System.out.println stmts and replaced with c1f36d2
@headius headius Commit a known-built-with-java-5 jzlib, attempting to fix CI issues. d025e3c
@nicksieger nicksieger Include $GEM_HOME/bin in PATH when installing launcher 8624702
Commits on Sep 17, 2011
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Fix the package name for TraceClassVisitor feb5d48
Commits on Sep 18, 2011
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Fixed bug with incorrect argument order in AttrAssignInstr 07ab4fb
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Fixed incorrect handling of class variable lookup. 8be5185
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Raise TypeError rather than NameError when we are looking up an …
…attribute from a non-class
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Minor code refactoring of generated IR code for defined? check o…
…f a ClassVarNode
@headius headius Add -n flag to dev gem installation to ensure RubyGems installs binst…
@headius headius Add back a deprecated org.jruby.RubyTempfile stub superclass, so jrub…
…y-rack doesn't break.
@headius headius Generify IRubyObject.to_java to reduce the need for casting the retur…
…n value.
Commits on Sep 19, 2011
@headius headius Grr, is it *ever* safe to generify an existing API?
Revert "Generify IRubyObject.to_java to reduce the need for casting the return value."

This reverts commit f0b4bec.
@headius headius Add rdoc to gems we install to build the jruby-jars gem. hoe appears …
…to depend on it now.
@headius headius Fix anonymous class name calculation, to repair spec regressions in K…
…ernel#instance_eval and Kernel#load.
@headius headius Add rdoc to gems we install for dist, since hoe appears to depend on …
…it now.
@headius headius Temporarily tag failing zlib spec. See JRUBY-6078. 66b81e0
@headius headius Minor cleanup in RubyModule.calculateName from revert of logic. 755caf0
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan After 2702be2, rdoc is now installed during 'dist' and other ant targ…
…ets; this results in updates to 'rdoc' and 'ri'.
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan New versions for jruby-jars. 234e203
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan These were generated on my MBP during 'dist'. Hopefully it is useful …
…for others.
@ymnk ymnk Fix 'Zlib::Inflate#<< properly handles incomplete data ERROR' on Ruby…

  * Inflater#end should not try the finish operation.
    According to the source code of CRuby, it will just reset and free resources.

Signed-off-by: Hiro Asari <>
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Untag the passing spec. See JRUBY-6078 and 66b81e0. 1d5a7bf
@headius headius Unless we always install rdoc gem, this causes ri/rdoc commands to fail.
Revert "After 2702be2, rdoc is now installed during 'dist' and other ant targets; this results in updates to 'rdoc' and 'ri'."

This reverts commit 61920fa.
@headius headius Up delay in MRI's test_signal.rb in hopes of making the signal more r…
…eliably fire within the assert_raises block.
Commits on Sep 20, 2011
@enebo enebo Add a non-array variant to enumerable bench 26511e6
@enebo enebo never ever set your parent to yourself (you don't want to be your own…
… father do ya?)
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Bug fix: Now passing const_missing message to the correct module. adca699
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Update IR spec file 6646db1
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Turn off binding load/store pass since it is buggy and it is not…
… needed for the IR interpreter
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Raise LocalJumpError for bad redo statements fc19935
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Fixed IR generation bug for OpElementAsgnNode 0f042dd
@subbuss subbuss [IR] Do it right this time (Fixed IR generation bug for OpElementAsgn…
@BanzaiMan BanzaiMan Update jruby-launcher to 1.0.9 92af12c