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There are two sample Java Web Start jnlp files in this directory for 
starting JRuby and displaying an IRB Console.


jirb.jnlp uses an unsigned version of the jruby-complete.jar and 
is run with the standard minimal security permissions that Java 
Web Start assigns to an untrusted Web Start application. For example 
while running this version you won't be able to read or write to 
local directories.


signed-jirb.jnlp uses a signed version of the jruby-complete.jar 
and includes this declaration in the jnlp:


Running signed-jirb.jnlp will start a JRuby IRB console with Java security
permissions to interact with the local environment.

In Java 1.5 the codebase attribute on the jnlp element does not support
using a relative path spec to refer to the JRUBY_HOME/lib directory so
the default ant task copies jruby-complete.jar to the jars/ directory 
and also places a signed copy in signed-jars/.

Before running the ant task make sure you have a copy of jruby-complete.jar


If you have the JRuby source the jruby-complete.jar can built with this 
ant task:

  ant jar-complete

Run the default ant task to prepare jruby-complete.jar for both the
unsigned and signed sample jnlps.

Running the unsigned jnlp sample:

  javaws jirb.jnlp

Running the signed jnlp sample:

  javaws signed-jirb.jnlp

The ant task will create a default jnlp-sample-keystore to use when
signing the jar.

You can create a keystore and certificate manually like this:

  keytool -genkey -keystore jnlp-sample-keystore -alias jnlp-sample-keystore
  keytool -selfcert -alias jnlp-sample-keystore -keystore jnlp-sample-keystore

If you change the properties here or in the ant task generate-keystore
also edit the values in the file to match the new values.