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name: "Almost Sinatra"
project: rkh/almost-sinatra
description: "Sinatra refactored, only eight lines now. More popular than a pair of socks."
name: "Async Rack"
project: rkh/async-rack
description: "Makes middleware that ships with Rack bullet-proof for async responses."
name: "Hardware Pong"
project: "GarstgerUnhold/Pong"
description: "Pong, in hardware, with PS2 input and VGA output."
name: "Mixico"
project: "rkh/mixico"
description: "Mixin hijinks — enable and disable mixins. Inherited from _why."
name: "Rack Protection"
project: "rkh/rack-protection"
description: "Protects your web applicaton against typical attacks."
name: "Redcar"
project: "redcar/redcar"
description: "A cross-platform programmer's editor written in Ruby."
name: "Ruby Xlib"
project: "rkh/ruby-xlib"
description: "Some base libraries for writing a X11 window manager in Ruby."
name: "Tilt"
project: "rtomayko/tilt"
description: "Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines."
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