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Update to 0.2.4


Dr Nic Williams (1):
      links to TextMate bundle support

Jeremy Hinegardner (1):
      add Plain Old Tokyo Storage talk links

Mathias Meyer (2):
      Added support to directly access slides by number using a href anchor.     E.g. add #12 to go to slide number 12. Constantly checks for anchor changes so that you can directly change slides without reloading the page.
      Set page title based on settings in showoff.json.

Nicolas Perriault (2):
      fixed wrong image paths generated in static html export (apply for pdf one as well)
      modified stylesheets to target printing context

Scott Bale (9):
      add IDEA files to .gitignore; add a '.a' to my fork of original version #; refresh slides
      stick with version 0.2.3 for now
      introduce 'CORE.out()' as alternative to 'results = ' for executable code snippets, output html instead of text, use bigger max line length than the default for jquery-print
      hack up jquery-print plugin to format sample outputs correctly
      make Enter key execute code, if not switching slides
      more language extensions for slide code snippets
      add debug method to Core module
      stoopid bug
      add Object.mixin() function

Scott Chacon (1):
      reloading slides was busted, doh

bschmaus (1):
      Uses name field in showoff.json for presentation title
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1 parent 051239b commit 01afd215ce1bb05fad7520e5ec5f276774f86fab @schacon schacon committed Jun 11, 2010
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  1. +1 −1 showoff.gemspec
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@ do |s| = "showoff"
- s.version = "0.2.3"
+ s.version = "0.2.4" = "2010-05-04"
s.summary = "The best damn presentation software a developer could ever love."
s.homepage = ""

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