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Basic Sinatra extension (mainly extending Sinatra's standard methods, like set or register). Also it features a more advanced path guessing than Sinatra::Base.

Normally you do not have to register this module manually, as the other extensions will do so if necessary.


Sinatra::Sugar is part of the BigBand stack. Check it out if you are looking for other fancy Sinatra extensions.


gem install sinatra-sugar

More advanced set

  • Adds set_#{key} and set_value hooks to set.

  • Merges the old value with the new one, if both are hashes:

      set :haml, :format => :html5, :escape_html => true
      set :haml, :excape_html => false
      haml # => { :format => :html5, :escape_html => false }

More advanced register

If an extension is registered twice, the registered hook will only be called once.

Ability to extend command line options


require "sinatra/base"
require "sinatra/sugar"

class App < Sinatra::Base
  register Sinatra::Sugar
  run_option_parser.on("-i") { puts "yes, -i is a nice option" }
  run! if $0 == __FILE__

Exposes caller usage of Sinatra

This is for extension developers only. If you modify some core methods, you don't want your ruby file to be mistaken for the app_file. You can fix it this way:

require "sinatra/base"
require "sinatra/sugar"
module Sinatra
  module HardcoreExtension
    # ...
  register HardcoreExtension