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Display sinatra routes in yard documentation.
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This plugin adds Sinatra routes to YARD output.


Install via rubygems:

gem install yard-sinatra

Add comments to your routes (well, that's optional):

require "sinatra/base"
require "user"

class ExampleApp < Sinatra::Base

  # Settings for a given user
  # @param [User] some user
  # @return [Hash] settings for that user
  def settings(some_user)
    raise NotImplementedMethod

  # Displays a settings page for the current user
  # @see ExampleApp#settings
  get "/settings" do
    haml :settings, {}, :settings => settings(current_user)

  # Error 404 Page Not Found
  not_found do
    haml :'404'


The you're ready to go:

yardoc example_app.rb

Old versions of YARD (before 0.6.2) will automatically detect the yard-sinatra plugin and load it. In newer versions you must use the --plugin yard-sinatra parameter, or add it to a .yardopts file.

Other use cases

As with yard, this can be used for other means besides documentation. For instance, you might want a list of all routes defined in a given list of files without executing those files:

require "yard/sinatra"
YARD::Registry.load Dir.glob("lib/**/*.rb")
YARD::Sinatra.routes.each do |route|
  puts route.http_verb, route.http_path, route.file, route.docstring


  • Ryan Sobol for implementing not_found documentation.
  • Loren Segal for making it seamlessly work as YARD plugin. Well, and for YARD.
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