Automated (YouTube) Video Summarization Using Captions
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vidDistill - Automated Video Summarization Using Captions

Try it out at!

Have you ever felt that a video on YouTube was too long and just wanted to watch the important parts? That's what vidDistill is for! The goal is to build a web service where people can enter a YouTube URL, choose what percent of the original video length they want, and receive a shortened video.

Things you'll need to do to get this project set up locally:

  1. Specify a secret key in (Make sure to add to your .gitignore).

  2. Install requirements from requirements.txt.

  3. Install and start postgres.

  4. Set up environment variables:

    a. DATABASE_URL (the URL for where your database is stored, whether that's local or with Heroku)

    b. APP_SETTINGS (should be either config.DevelopmentConfig or config.ProductionConfig)

  5. Download the NLTK components specified in nltk.txt