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  • Start also releasing java version of gem

  • Put tests on travis

  • Fix tests for jruby


  • Fix install on jruby 1.6


  • Improve extconf.rb: support –without-readline, fail hard, detect windows

  • Add rb-readline support for windows and non-readline users

  • Rename :readline_plugin option to :readline

  • Allow :readline option to take a symbol


  • Move yard-related functionality to bond-yard gem


  • Add gem plugin completion

  • Add jruby support thanks to @headius

  • Add bare option to Bond.start


  • Add Bond.restart


  • Add Bond.started?


  • Fix install for non-readline platforms

  • Fix install for rubinius


  • Fixes for tests to pass in rubinius and 1.9.2.

  • Add support for a proc :eval_binding.

  • Add instance variables to default completion.

  • Add DefaultMission.completions to make default completions reusable

  • Remove unused Mission#eval_binding.


  • Moved documentation to yard.

  • Better extconf.rb thanks to @timcharper

  • Better error when failing to require extension.


  • Added Bond.load_yard_gems which generates argument completions from yard documentation.

  • Added Bond.load_gems which loads completions from gem's directory.

  • Added compatibility within emacs' inf-ruby mode (thanks to @pd).

  • Added :eval_debug to Bond.config for debugging completions.

  • Doesn't build or load c extension for ruby 1.9.2.

  • Fixed argument completion of object containing method names bug.

  • Fixed nested constants completion bug.

  • Updated completions for Kernel#system, Module#public, Module#protected and Module#private.


  • Added comprehensive argument completion per module, method and argument.

  • Added 60+ default method argument completions.

  • Added configuration system and DSL.

  • Added user-friendly completion error handling.

  • Improved Bond.spy.

  • Fixed several 1.9 bugs.

  • Replaced require 'bond/completion' with Bond.start.

  • Changed underscore_search to use '_' instead of '-'.

  • Removed Bond.debrief and Bond.reset.

  • Switched to bacon for tests.


  • Added Bond.recomplete to make redefinition of completion missions easy.

  • Added flag to readline extension building so that installing bond doesn't fail for users without readline.

  • bond/completion allows require to autocomplete gems and within gems.


  • Fixing deployment mistake


  • Added bond/completion which is a drop-in enhancement of irb/completion

  • Added ability to define predefined actions in Bond::Actions

  • Fixed underscore search bug

  • Fixed word breaking completion bug

  • Fixed irb's completion inconsistencies

  • Added ability to specify :default_search for Bond.debrief

  • Added placement of completions with :place for Bond.complete


  • Added Bond.spy to debug completions

  • Fixed object completion failing in irbrc

  • Allow regex characters in completions


  • Intial release. Whoop!