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Vim+ Theme for Pry

For those familiar with vim's basic color scheme, but taking greater advantage of the CodeRay parse information using 256 colors.

At places, the differences are very minor. Still, I think your brain can process this information at a conscious or subconscious level, meaning you don't have to work as hard to distinguish between various types of text.

The only bad thing is that CodeRay doesn't differentiate quite enough. For example, there's no reason that 'if/end' should be lumped into the same color, both being "keywords". This is kind of a shame, at least with vim-detailed we're taking a step forward.

On a related note, I'm interested in developing a detailed vim scheme. None of the 256-color schemes I've seen have even tried hard at all. I think if we started with giving a slight color variance for every Ruby token, we could slowly build support for other languages, too. If you're interested in this idea as well, please let me know.

—☈king rking-pry-vim256scheme@sharpsaw.org


Screenshot information:

Attribute Value
Left Side vim-default theme
Right Side vim-detailed theme
Font Default xterm
Font size Default xterm
Foreground color (HEX) grey90
Background color (HEX) black