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Refactor s:bold_* stuff

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1 parent 62a7351 commit 2887eaced2134b9c7b7a6b11085f2da03b9d8e82 @rking committed with
Showing with 8 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +8 −3 colors/detailed.vim
11 colors/detailed.vim
@@ -455,7 +455,13 @@ fun! s:bold(group)
fun! s:bold_fg(group, fg)
- exe 'hi '.a:group.' '.s:color_for(a:fg,'fg').' cterm=bold gui=bold'
+ call s:fg(a:group, a:fg)
+ call s:bold(a:group)
+fun! s:bold_fgbg(group, fg, bg)
+ call s:fgbg(a:group, a:fg, a:bg)
+ call s:bold(a:group)
fun! s:underline_fgbg(group, fg, bg)
@@ -597,8 +603,7 @@ fun! s:detailed_colors()
call s:fgbg('detailedString', 'red124', 'gray233')
call s:fgbg('detailedInterpolatedString', 'purple125', 'gray233')
- call s:fgbg('detailedExecutedString', 'green34', 'purple53')
- call s:bold('detailedExecutedString')
+ call s:bold_fgbg('detailedExecutedString', 'green34', 'purple53')
call s:fgbg('detailedRawString', 'red160', 'gray233')
call s:fg('detailedStringDelimiter', 'blue33')
call s:fg('detailedInterpolationDelimiter', 'gray244')

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