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1 parent 584dd1b commit 30c2de5326af9f500bd6ce9a8a290633ab5cea46 @rking committed with Dec 26, 2012
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@@ -487,9 +487,7 @@ hi VertSplit term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi Title term=bold ctermfg=225 gui=bold guifg=Magenta
hi WarningMsg term=standout ctermfg=224 guifg=Red
hi WildMenu term=standout ctermfg=0 ctermbg=11 guifg=Black guibg=Yellow
-hi Folded term=standout ctermfg=14 ctermbg=242 guifg=Cyan guibg=DarkGrey
hi FoldColumn term=standout ctermfg=14 ctermbg=242 guifg=Cyan guibg=Grey
-hi Conceal ctermfg=7 ctermbg=242 guifg=LightGrey guibg=DarkGrey
hi SpellBad term=reverse ctermbg=9 gui=undercurl guisp=Red
hi SpellCap term=reverse ctermbg=12 gui=undercurl guisp=Blue
hi SpellRare term=reverse ctermbg=13 gui=undercurl guisp=Magenta

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