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Remove confusing 'hi Search' (gets overridden)

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1 parent 1faba2a commit 3b79b83891ba09a3a17c82bde089d7d512a449dc ☈king committed with Nov 27, 2012
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@@ -474,7 +474,6 @@ hi NonText term=bold ctermfg=12 gui=bold guifg=Blue
hi Directory term=bold ctermfg=159 guifg=Cyan
hi ErrorMsg term=standout ctermfg=15 ctermbg=1 guifg=White guibg=Red
hi IncSearch term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
-hi Search term=reverse ctermfg=0 ctermbg=11 guifg=Black guibg=Yellow
hi MoreMsg term=bold ctermfg=121 gui=bold guifg=SeaGreen
hi ModeMsg term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
hi LineNr term=underline ctermfg=11 guifg=Yellow

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