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If you don't have a preferred installation method, I recommend
installing [pathogen.vim](, and
then simply copy and paste:
cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://
Once you run :Helptags you can view the manual with :help joy
*joy.txt* Esc key where Bill Joy had his.
Author: ☈king <>
License: Utterly CC0/PD
:imap <tab> <esc>
(See: < >)
IBM made some really odd decisions in popularizing the current keyboard, so
we're taking the power back.
This is the real heart of vim-joy. Just make it so hitting tab in Insert mode
gets you out into Normal mode.
The only extra complexity is due to the "Training Wheels" needed to get used
to not being able to hit tab normally. This is most surprising when:
* When on an empty line, meaning "increase indent". Use <C-t> instead.
* When in the middle of a line, and trying to line things up. I don't have an
exact solution for this, other than to do the work in Normal mode (e.g. with
<C-v> combined with << and >>)
To affect the behavior of this plugin, you can either:
let g:joy_pure = 1
Commit to using <C-t> instead of <Tab> for indentation. At this point it
becomes identical in behavior to Insert Mode <Tab> == <Esc>.
let g:joy_mixed = 1
To turn off the nag message, and forget about <C-t> for indent.
Sometimes you want to affect the behavior only for this session (e.g. for pair
programming with someone who isn't feeling it)
To go back to impure mode:
:unlet g:joy_pure
To make <Tab> be default in behavior:
:unimap <Tab>
Thanks to tpope, as always!
Grab the latest version or report a bug on Github: