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This project contains some binarization algorithms intended for the use of barcode decoding, as well as some tools to compare the algorithms.

This project is based on the ZXing project, and is intended to be used with the ZXing barcode scanning library.
More info at:

The code in this project, as well as the code in the ZXing project, is licensed under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0.
See COPYING for details.

To run a visual test tool, run "ant visual-tool".

Some real-world is available on the github downloads page. This data can be downloaded automatically using the script. "ant batch-test" will run the tests on these data. To configure these tests, edit the source in directly.

A C++ port of the FastWindowBinarizer is also provided (LocalAverageBinarizer.h/cpp). Copy the two files directly to the "cpp/core/src/zxing/" in a SVN checkout of the ZXing project to use it.