Isoform-level quantification of ribosome-footprint and proteomic data
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Simply download and run EMpire.jar for a list of available sub-commands.

Usage: java -Xmx2G -jar EMpire.jar <Command>

Available <Command> options:

IsoformEM_Footprints  | Infer most likely transcripts from ribosome footprint alignments
IsoformEM_Proteomics  | Infer most likely isoforms from MS/MS spectra mapping
FootprintFrameAnaysis | Analyse ribosome footprint alignments in terms of fidelity to annotated coding frames
PeptideDigest         | Enzymatically digest a protein reference


Relies heavily on general purpose java code in

Also requires several java libraries:

  • commons-io-2.4
  • commons-cli-1.2
  • commons-lang3-3.3.2
  • commons-math3-3.5
  • sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2
  • sam-1.96