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Changelog for the vim-perl package
Highlight braces following printf and say. Thanks, Matt Boyle.
Fix overzealous matching of /^package/ inside Pod (Hinrik)
Added */xs.vim.
Added syntax/tt2.vim and syntax/tt2html.vim
The "if" show up as an error if you accidentally use "else if"
instead of "elsif". Also added "elseif" as an error. Thanks,
Benjamin R. Haskell.
Add %+ match hash to syntax/perl.vim.
Minor tweak to p6RxCharClass. Thanks, Arne Skjærholt.
Fixed a problem with folding subs caused by rules being out of
order. Thanks, Christian J. Robinson.
Fixed bug where backslashes would be seen as closing a set of braces,
thus screwing up indents. Thanks, Tom Wyant.
Fixed highlights on comments before opening brace of a sub. Thanks,
Rafael Kitover.
Added a test harness in t/ (try "make test"). Moved example code
to t_source/ (Hinrik)
Added a test for package declaration highlighting. Thanks, Matt
Fixes to the test suite from Matt Boyle.
1.00 Tue Aug 4 21:38:31 CDT 2009
Pulled in the rest of mauke's improvements. This fixes issues
with q() ops and its various brackets (Hinrik)
Add spell checking to the comments syntax group.
Highlight method calls on __PACKAGE__ (Hinrik)
Allow whitespace around autoquoted hash keys (Hinrik)
Fix highlighting of //= from Perl 5.10 (Hinrik)
added 'parent' keyword for perl5.
Add a tarball target to the Makefile. Thanks to Mike Kelly for
Add Nick Hibma's to ease testing.
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