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Reporting Issues

When submitting an issue relating to highlighting/folding, please attach the following:

  • A screenshot of the issue.
  • The file used in the screenshot. If it's proprietary or too big, please try to reproduce the issue in a small sample file.
  • A link to your vimrc, if it exists.
  • The output of vim --version.

These things make issues much easier to debug!


Remember that scripts under contrib or other third party plugins have the potential to break your highlighting/folding; if you find an issue, please try it without any contrib scripts or other plugins set up. This includes any after/syntax/perl scripts you have set up yourself, of course. To make things easier on everyone, try to reproduce the issue with a minimal vim setup and an up-to-date checkout of vim-perl. Taking the time to help out with issues you have found makes things easier on all of us, and that's the whole reason this is an open project. =)

Also, before you report something as a bug, please make sure you're using the latest version of vim-perl from Git. If you're using an older version, chances are that you're stumbling on a bug that someone else has in the past.

If you have read and understand these guidelines, add the text "I have read the guidelines" in your issue when you create it.

Helping Out

If you would like to contribute to vim-perl, please be aware that we have a test suite which can be run using the prove command. After you've made your changes, run the test suite via prove. The tests test a host of known situations for consistency, as well as verifies that vim-perl still highlights and folds code the way it does with the latest code on GitHub. Most fixes don't change highlighting, so the regression test should pass. If it fails, open the file(s) printed and make sure that their highlighting still makes sense. If it does, note that in your pull request and a maintainer will update the regression corpus data when he/she merges it.