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Commits on Aug 4, 2015
  1. fix ANSI detection regex (again) #125

    Fix ANSI detection regex to not always match (non-ANSI files as well.)
    Change the * on the outer () group to a +, so that at least one ANSI
    code must be matched.
    This behavior is triggered in Ubuntu gawk 4.1.1, for whatever reason it
    was not triggered on my Mac which I believe was using gawk 4.1.3. Will
    need to investigate further.
  2. fix vimcat invokation options in vimpager

    Remove set nocp nomdeline bg=dark from vimcat invokation options from
    within vimpager.
    nomodeline is unnecessary as a modeline can't really break anything, and
    a user may use it to set the filetype or color options.
    nocp is unnecessary as we always invoke vim with -N now.
    bg=dark resets the color scheme and breaks the 'hi Normal ctermbg=NONE'
    command that vimcat runs, turning the background color back on.
  3. vimcat: set bg color to NONE by default

    Many color schemes set the ctermbg (terminal background color) and this
    does not work well in vimcat, because it outputs ANSI reset codes at the
    end of every line.
    TODO: fix this so that only necessary reset codes are output
    Add the command:
      hi Normal ctermbg=NONE
    to the list of default commands for vimcat.
    I would suspect most people don't want the background color even if it
    worked correctly, although fixing this would still be a good thing.
    This can be overridden with a -c option by e.g. re-running the colors
    command, like -c 'colors apprentice' .
    Rebuild vimpager with updated vimcat.
  4. add renatosilva's PKGBUILD for pacman

    Add renatosilva's PKGBUILD recipe for pacman that is used for msys2, he
    gave permission to include it. Including this for any pacman users who
    would like to build a package.
  5. update CONTRIBUTORS, docs and LICENSE inf

    Update LICENSE to specify which parts of the project are BSD 2-clause
    and which parts are Vim license, and state the dual-license nature of
    the project more explicitly.
    Include the Vim license, uganda.txt as required by the Vim license and
    refer to it in LICENSE.
    Add willywampa to CONTRIBUTORS for b45896e .
    Update date stamps on docs.
    Add a note to doc/ about the bg=dark default and how to
    override it, and give more details about the "-o -" option.
Commits on Aug 3, 2015
  1. vimcat: default to bg=dark and syntax on

    Add set bg=dark and syn on commands to vimcat in case the user does not
    have these defined in his vimrc.
    bg=dark can be overridden by passing -c 'set bg=light' to vimcat.
  2. vimcat: fix conceal and multibyte support

    columns in vim are byte offsets, even when multibyte chars are present.
    Use byte offsets when iterating over lines using the str[off] syntax to
    get correct column indices. This is also considerably faster and fixes
    the issues with concealed item checking code.
Commits on Aug 2, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #125 from wilywampa/parens

    Remove unmatched parenthesis from regex
  2. @wilywampa
Commits on Jul 31, 2015
  1. turn off conceal support in vimcat for now

    Rafael Kitover authored
    The conceal support code in vimcat is not working properly yet for some
    reason, turn it off for now.
    Split each line with split(line, '\zs') into chars and use the chars
    array instead of matchstr to get characters at a position. This should
    be faster.
Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. vimcat: skip source ANSI codes

    Skip ANSI codes in the source file in vimcat, do not output them and do
    not highlight them.
Commits on Jul 29, 2015
  1. vimcat: go back to using matchstr not strpart

    Go back to using matchstr to get the current column from a line instead
    of strpart because matchstr works on characters while strpart works only
    on bytes, and this can break unicode text.
    Also I did not use strpart correctly anyway, it uses a zero index but
    the column index is one based, so it was eating the first character of
    Also check for a concealed item earlier and don't output ANSI codes for
    concealed items.
  2. fix ansi filter regex for GNU sed #123

    Different seds interpret ? and \? differently, both can be a
    metacharacter. As in the case of FreeBSD sed and GNU sed respectively.
    Use [?] for a literal ?, this is safe on all seds.
  3. vimcat: support conceal, speed improvement

    Process concealed syntax items according to conceallevel.
    Replace a call to matchstr() for getting the current column with
    strpart(), which gives vimcat a roughly 30% speed increase.
  4. improve ANSI stripping pattern

    Use a more precise regex to strip ANSI codes that catches more codes
    like \e[K as well.
Commits on Jul 27, 2015
  1. fix double / in install paths #122

    Change install paths from ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX} to ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX},
    this fixes the double / when installing.
    The double / is an issue on Windows because a path like //usr is a
    network share and not resolved to a filesystem path like on UNIX.
  2. remove test .uu file

    It got deleted by the change to the make clean rule.
  3. audit vimcat for unquoted variables

    Quote all variable expansions and $() command expansions.
  4. add link to vimcat doc for

    Add a link to doc/ in doc/, which is also the for github, for people looking for vimcat.
  5. add -o output_file option for vimcat

    Add -o option to specify output file for vimcat, with this option
    whether or not output is a terminal is ignored. If output_file is - then
    the output is written to STDOUT, but without the extra newline if there
    isn't one on the last line.
    If there is no -o option, then the normal behavior of passing through to
    cat if the output is not a terminal is preserved.
    Update docs/ to describe the -o option.
Commits on Jul 25, 2015
  1. vimcat: visual as first --cmd, fix :endifs

    Enter visual mode in vimcat as the very first --cmd, so that user --cmd
    and -c commands are in visual mode.
    Fix number of :endif commands after the :if 0 block enclosing the shell
    script portion.
    The source command for the vim script has to be run through silent!
    because it complains about the first # shell comment in the :if 0 block,
    giving the error "trailing characters".
  2. use -N for vim invocation in vimcat

    Invoke vim in vimcat with -N as the first argument to set nocp. The
    AnsiHighlight vim script already sets nocp, but this will affect any
    --cmd and -c options passed by the user, in case his config does not set
Commits on Jul 21, 2015
  1. fix "Cannot alocate color none" bug in AnsiEsc #45

    Newer versions of gvim do not like the color 'none' because of some
    security fix, changing these to 'NONE' fixes the problem.
    Will need to release a new version and update AnsiEsc upstream as soon
    as possible.
Commits on Jul 18, 2015
  1. don't scroll when toggling less mode #101

    Move the cursor a few lines down or up when switching from less.vim
    being unloaded to loading less.vim, as the default scrolloff is 5 and if
    the cursor is near the edge of the screen, the window scrolls to
    accomodate it.
  2. improve make clean target

    Remove references to man.tar.gz and README which we no longer generate,
    and use a find command to remove .uu files.
  3. make Makefile fully incremental

    The Makefile now does a real incremental build of vimpager and the man
    pages. Works perfectly on Solaris make as well.
    uuencode is no longer necessary for building an up to date repo.
    AnsiEsc is now stored in vimpager as the three .vim files, not as a tar,
    this makes the incremental build simpler.
    The output of the make process is now much more concise and
    user-friendly. Just one line messages instead of huge screenfulls of
    cryptic commands.
Commits on Jul 14, 2015
  1. reorganize project tree

    Put all .vim sources into src/ and use an implicit make rule to build
    them into uuencoded versions.
    Use variables for Makefile deps.
    Put prototypes/ and patches/ into src/ .
    Put and into doc/ .
    Update Makefile for these changes.
    Put ConcealRetab.vim into autoload/ in the built extra runtime path and
    rewrite the function and the invocation as an autoload function.
Commits on Jul 13, 2015
  1. redraw before showing less mode msg #121

    User reported the less mode enabled/disabled message not showing up,
    although I do not see this.
    Change the echo to an echomsg and issue a redraw command before each
    Hopefully this will help.
  2. set vimpager var when reading config #121

    A construct such as:
    if exists('vimpager')
      let vimpager_some_option = 1
    did not work because the vim invocation that read the configuration did
    not set the vimpager variable.
    Add --cmd 'let vimpager = 1' to the vim invocation that reads the
    vimpager configuration.
Commits on Jul 11, 2015
  1. fix Makefile for Solaris

    The Solaris make does not allow using $< in a non-pattern-matching rule.
Commits on Jul 10, 2015
  1. show status message on less mode toggle #101

    Show a message on the status line with echo when less mode is toggled
    with ,v :
    "Less Mode Enabled"
    "Less Mode Disabled"
  2. allow less.vim with ,v when less_mode=0 #121

    Set a mapping to load less.vim on ,v when g:vimpager_less_mode=0 .
    g:vimpager_less_mode also reflects whether or not less.vim is loaded or
    unloaded when it is toggled with ,v, regardless of the initial setting.
Commits on Jul 9, 2015
  1. allow no less.vim, don't disable modeline #121

    Allow setting vimpager_less_mode = 0 to disabling loading less.vim
    Move foldlevel setting into less.vim and only default to scrolloff=5 if
    less.vim is loaded, this is set in less.vim itself as well.
    Remove nomodeline setting, as we now use silent! e to load files,
    modeline errors are not an issue, and allowing modelines can help users
    get the right filetype and also makes help work correctly.
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