A javamail API wrapper that is more pleasant to work with for Ronin
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Romail is a library working with email in Gosu. It wraps the standard Java email library [JavaMail] (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javamail/index.html) which is a very complete library but, as is so often the case in Java, is difficult to use in the common case.

Romail makes the common cases (sending an email, following a folder) very simple and leverages many of the language features available in Gosu to keep things tight and simple.

Romail has been designed to work well with [Ronin] (http://ronin-web.org), the Gosu-based web framework, but it has no dependencies on it and can be used in any gosu environment.

Set Up

Reflecting a philosophy of easy should be easy and hard should be possible Romail tries to make set up an easy thing. Setting up Romail to send and receive mail using a GMail account is straight forward:

var account = new GmailIMAPAccount("userName", "password")

Romail intends to support well known email systems such as Exchange, Yahoo! mail and so forth. Adding support for a new system, say Hotmail, should be simple.

Sending Email

Sending an email in Romail is trivial:

var email = new Email() {
  :To = "example2@gmail.com",
  :From = "example@gmail.com",
  :Subject = "Example Email",
  :Text = "Hello, this is an example email...\n\nDid you get it?"


In the near future the need to refer directly to the account will be removed. In other words instead of


one will be able to do


Easy as pie.

Reading Email

Reading email in Romail is currently not too big a deal:

var account = new GmailIMAPAccount("userName", "password")
var unreadMessages = account.Inbox.UnreadEmailMessages
for(var message in unreadMessages){
    // Mark all the unread messages as read

In the near future Romail will make a common pattern, following an email folder for new messages, very easy to implement:

account.Inbox.follow( \ email -> print( "Got an email from a user! " + email.From ) )

account.Inbox returns an EmailFolder which has the follow() method that accepts a block that takes an email. This block will be invoked when new mail arrives in the Inbox, or any other folder on the server.