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Unix-style configuration files for a terminal-centric working environment,


The primary platforms are OpenBSD and Ubuntu Linux, but contents are also tested on Mac OS X (10.10+), where applicable and feasible.


Run the setup script pertaining to your platform, eg. for Linux, for OpenBSD and such.
The script is idempotent, so running it numerous times will do no harm.

Once setup has run, install the dotfiles by means of running the installation script, in either desktop or laptop mode.

Manual installation

Manual installation of is also supported, by means of copying or symlinking the respective directory contents to your local files, e.g,

$ git clone $HOME/dotfiles
$ ln -s ~/dotfiles/Tmux/dot.tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf

If more elaborate installation steps are required, consult the README in the respective subdirectory, if available.

Bug reports

Bug reports, suggestions and feedback is highly appreciated.
Send a pull request or message me.