Interactive tutorial project like An experiment in using the Ace editor.
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A live editor and tutorial system inspired by In progress.

For fancy fonts, obtain a no-cost license for the web fonts MuseoSlab 500 and MuseoSlab 500 Italic and put the .woff, .eot, and ttf files into the webfonts directory under the names MuseoSlab-500.* and MuseoSlab-500Italic.*.

Getting started:

  • Make sure you have Ruby 1.9.2 installed. It's recommended to use rvm to manage your Rubies and Gems.

  • Clone the repo and cd to the learn-emberjs directory:

    $ git clone
    $ cd learn-emberjs
  • Install submodules for Ace and Ember.js:

    $ git submodule update --init
  • If you're using RVM to manage gemsets, you probably want to create and use a fresh gemset:

    $ echo 'rvm use 1.9.2@learn-emberjs --create' > .rvmrc
    $ cd ..; cd learn-emberjs
  • Run 'bundle install' to get the BPM gem:

    $ bundle install
  • Repeat the rvm and bundle install steps for in vendor/ember.js:

    $ cd vendor/ember.js
    $ echo 'rvm use 1.9.2@emberjs --create' > .rvmrc
    $ cd ..; cd ember.js
    $ bundle install
  • Run rake inside the vendor/ember.js folder to build Ember itself:

    $ rake
  • Finally, to open a local copy of Learn.Ember.js, run bpm preview in the root of the repo, and open http://localhost:4020/index.html in your favorite browser.

    $ cd ../..    
    $ bpm preview

Building a static version:

  • The rake task build will build a static copy of Learn.Ember.js into the directory dist/, with the main tutorial page at dist/index.html. The cross-iframe access required by Learn.Ember.js will be blocked by Chrome if you open index.html using the file protocol, so run a local server to visit the tutorial. Assuming you have Python installed on your system, you can run python -m SimpleHTTPServer in the dist/ folder, and then visit http://localhost:8000/index.html in your browser.

    $ rake build
    $ cd dist; python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  • The (default) rake task tarball will build a tarball, learn-emberjs.tar.gz which can be inflated into the base directory of your choice on a static webserver.

    $ rake 
    $ ls learn.emberjs.tar.gz