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IRC Slack Bot

We built this bot to echo conversations from #rdio on Freenode to a Slack chat.

It's designed so that it can be easily configured to work with your own IRC channel / Slack instance combo.


  • Make sure you're running node 0.10.26. Other versions might work, but are untested.
  • Fork the repo and run npm install
  • Create a new Incoming Web Hook on Slack (
  • Create a new Outgoing Web Hook on Slack and grab the token from it.
  • Open the config file and update the parameters. Mostly, you need to make sure that the Outgoing Web Hook points at the server that gets set up in lib/slack.js.
  • Update the Outgoing Web Hook with your server info and trigger words. (We use ircbot and !).
  • Find a server to run it on, and node .

Note that the user map listens for IRC mentions with an optional @ character, and automatically wraps the Slack username in <@username> so that Slack sends notifications appropriately.

Slack Commands

IRCBot listens for commands based on your trigger words. At Rdio, we use both ircbot and ! as triggers, so we can use ircbot say hello and !say hello interchangeably.

The bot will strip the : character from slack commands, so ircbot: say hello will also work properly.

In order for Slack commands to work, you must make sure that the Outgoing Web Hook and the web server in lib/slack.js are set up correctly.

Currently supported Slack commands:

  • ping -- bot responds with pong
  • show -- lists Slack <-> IRC handle mappings.
  • say -- tell the bot to say things in IRC on your behalf
  • link -- link an IRC handle to a Slack handle Usage: link [ircName] links your slack handle to an irc handle. link [slackName] [ircName] links [slackName] to [ircName].
  • unlink -- unlink an IRC handle from a Slack handle Usage: unlink unlinks all irc names associated with your Slack handle unlink [ircName] unlinks your slack handle from [ircName] unlink [slackName] [ircName] unlinks [slackName] from [ircName]

IRC Commands

Currently supported IRC commands:

  • ping (and a few variations) -- bot responds with pong.


An IRC bot that echoes activity to slack, and supports mapping IRC usernames to Slack usernames.



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