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A browser based game where two space shuttles fight for supremecy under the full pull of Earth's gravity.
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O o o . . . . .
| Gravity War |
. . . . . o o O

Gravity war was/is my attempt to code something similar to Spacewar! in a java web applet.
AI, explosion animations and proper sound effects are still (since 2005) lacking.

The controls are as follows,

for              China     and     USA, respectively:  
Forward Thrust:  Arrow Up,         r    
Back Thrust:     Arrow Down,       f    
Rotate Left:     Arrow Left,       d    
Rotate Right:    Arrow Right,      g    
Fire Weapon:     Insert,           q    
Cycle Weapon:    Delete,           a    

The three available weapons are: a standard cannon, a homing missile and a healing mode.
All fired projectiles are also subject to the earth's gravity.

To install, run:


And then open gravitywar.html in a web browser.
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