Template for creating micro-services in Pedestal
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A Leiningen template for building micro-services in Pedestal.

Creating a project

$ lein new pedestal-micro com.example/web-service

The generated project includes both a build.boot file (for boot, my preferred project manager) and, project.cl (for Leiningen).

The two are roughly equivalent, but I suggest you pick one, and discard the other.


Task Boot Leiningen
Launch a REPL boot repl lein repl
Run Tests boot test lein test
Launch a server boot server lein run
Build a deployable JAR boot build lein uberjar

Building a Docker container

# With Leiningen
$ lein uberjar

# With Boot
$ boot build

$ sudo docker build .

What's next?

  • Scripts for building, tagging and deploying Docker containers (this includes automatically building an uberjar).
  • Better 12 Factor App logging support (currently only supervisord prints to STDOUT).