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blosc - band-limited oscillators for pd

pd-vanilla's limited support of musical oscillators necessitates more musical options. blosc aims to help by providing the following anti-aliased oscillators:

  • [saw~]
  • [square~]
  • [tri~]

Currently only [saw~] is functional. [square~] and [tri~] will be developed soon.

Sine-wave reference:

The rest of this info comes from the helloworld example, and is left here so I don't forget how to build it in two years.

An example Pure Data external using pd-lib-builder. You can use this project to bootstrap your own Pure Data external development.


Clone and build this example via:

git clone --recursive
cd helloworld

Make sure you use the --recursive flag when checking out the repository so that the pd-lib-builder dependency is also checked out. If you forgot to add it, you can also manually fetch pd-lib-builder via:

cd helloworld
git submodule init
git submodule update

Note: The "Download zip" option on GitHub currently does not check out dependencies so pd-lib-builder will be missing in your download. The preferred method is to use git.


You should have a copy of the pure-data source code - the following build command assumes it is in the ../pure-data directory. This page explains how you can get the pure-data source code.

By default, pd-lib-builder will attempt to auto-locate an install of Pure Data. The following command will build the external and install the distributable files into a subdirectory called build/helloworld.

make install pdincludepath=../pure-data/src/ objectsdir=./build

See make help for more details.


If you are using the deken externals packaging tool you can then submit your external to the repository for other people to find, like this:

deken upload ./build/helloworld

You will need to have an account on the site. You probably also want to have a valid GPG key to sign the package so that users can prove that it waas created by you.


band-limited oscillators for pure data





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