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This module is a mod_perl2 interface to
JavaScript::Autocomplete::Backend, which is a base
class for implementing an autocomplete service
for a form using the Google Suggest protocol.
for an illustration of Google Suggest in operation,
as well as
for a description of how the JavaScript code works.
See the documentation for
Apache2::Autocomplete for details.
Besides mod_perl2, the package requires JavaScript::Autocomplete::Backend,
as well as a
CGI module for supplying param() and header() methods.
If available, CGI::Apache2::Wrapper will be used,
which is a minimal module that uses methods of mod_perl2
and Apache2::Request to provide these methods; if this
is not available, (version 2.93 or greater) will be used.
Installation proceeds through the usual
perl Makefile.PL
$MAKE test
$MAKE install
or, if Module::Build is available,
perl Build.PL
perl Build
perl Build test
perl Build install
A ppm package for Win32 users of ActivePerl 8xx can be installed
by adding to your list
of repositories and then issuing the command
C:\> ppm install Apache2-Autocomplete
This software is copyright 2007 by Randy Kobes
<>. Use and
redistribution are under the same terms as Perl itself;
The JavaScript autocomplete code contained in ac.js
of this distribution is Copyright 2004 and onwards by Google Inc.
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