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Certain modules, such as CGI::Ajax and
require a minimal module to provide certain methods,
such as param() to fetch parameters. The standard module to
do this is of course L<>; however, especially in a mod_perl
environment, there may be concerns with the resultant memory footprint.
This module provides various methods via
mod_perl2 and librapreq2, and as such, it may be a viable
alternative in a mod_perl scenario.
Note that this module is not a drop-in replacement for, as only a select few methods that naturally arise
in mod_perl2 and libapreq2 are provided. As well as providing methods to other modules, one of the
main intents here is to assist development of porting
CGI applications over to mod_perl2 and libapreq2 and/or
for use in writing applications
that are to be used in either a cgi or mod_perl environment. However,
for applications that are intended only for mod_perl, it is recommended
that the native interface to mod_perl2 and libapreq2 be used, as
this module will add some overhead.
See the documentation for CGI::Apache2::Wrapper for details.
Installation proceeds through the usual
perl Makefile.PL
$MAKE test
$MAKE install
or, if Module::Build is available,
perl Build.PL
perl Build
perl Build test
perl Build install
A ppm package for Win32 users of ActivePerl 8xx can be installed
by adding to your list
of repositories and then issuing the command
C:\> ppm install CGI-Apache2-Wrapper
The corresponding repository for ActivePerl 10xx is
This software is copyright 2007 by Randy Kobes
<>. Use and
redistribution are under the same terms as Perl itself;