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Ruby library for IronMQ.

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IronMQ Ruby Client

Getting Started

1. Install the gem:

gem install iron_mq

2. Setup your credentials:

3. Create an IronMQ client object:

@ironmq =

The Basics

Get a Queue object

You can have as many queues as you want, each with their own unique set of messages.

@queue = @ironmq.queue("my_queue")

Now you can use it:

Push a message on the queue:"hello world!")

Pop a message off the queue:

msg = @queue.get()
puts msg.body

Poll for messages:

@queue.poll do |msg|
  puts msg.body

When you pop/get a message from the queue, it will NOT be deleted. It will eventually go back onto the queue after a timeout if you don't delete it (default timeout is 10 minutes).

Delete a message from the queue:

msg.delete # or @queue.delete(

Delete a message from the queue when you're done with it.

Queue Information

queue = @client.queue("my_queue")
puts "size: #{queue.size}"
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