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Git Mob Co-author commits

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VS Code extension to add multiple co-authors to commits, managed all from the source control tab.

Great extension when pair programming or mobbing with your team. Requires Git Mob cli

Git Mob in action

  1. Install
  2. Features
  3. Settings
  4. Contributing

The Git Mob project for VS code co-author commits

Read our blog post to find out learn more about Git Mob.


Git Mob Cli is needed and supports:

  • Global install npm i -g git-mob
  • Dev dependency npm i -D git-mob

(See git-mob for more info)

Search for "git-mob" in Extensions and click install.

Ensure you have set your primary author in Git

$ git config --global "Jane Doe"
$ git config --global ""


prepare-commit-msg hook support removed in v1.12.0

Add new co-authors

Option 1: CTRL+shift+p or ⌘+⇧+p and search for "Add new co-author". Fill in all input fields. (ctrl+shift+p -> "Open .git-coauthors file")

Option 2: Add your co-authors to the .git-coauthors files in your user folder.


Add new co-authors from repository

Click the plus + button on an author in More Authors list.


Search suggested co-authors

Click the search icon on the More Authors section or CTRL+shift+p or ⌘+⇧+p and search for "Search suggested co-authors".


Workspace support

Select one of multiple open Git repositories and add co-author metadata to source control input field.


Git Emojis

Using the standardised list from Gitmoji.

Search and select an emoji to add to the Git message input field

git emojis select list

Change primary author

Change primary author


Post commit -> Solo

After a commit remove selected co-authors from input to unselected. If you commit in the command-line the UI will update as well.

Default: false

Author list -> Expand more authors

Expand 'More Authors' tree when UI starts.

Default: true

Github -> Personal Access Token

Search for co-authors on GitHub you will need to generate a PAT.

  1. Visit GitHub > settings > tokens
  2. Click "generate new token"
  3. Select "user:read" (This allows GitMob to fetch a users public email)

Default: <empty>